Dealing with Dark Wood Floors and Ideas to Pick

Dark wood floors are a strong element in a room that needs to balance with others. The existence provides great quality and value to space. Nowadays, it becomes very popular as an interior solution to convey a bold statement.

With this dark element inside the room, you can create a beautiful contrast easily. It’s a smart addition to any space including hallway, living room, and kitchen. You can also set the living space with a classy and welcoming setting.

Having dark hardwood flooring is not just about the decorative element, but also a durable quality. It would be a great surface for a room with high traffic like the living room and kitchen. Well, there are risks to take dealing with this kind of flooring.

A small space would look heavier than it should. The room would feel gloomy and less comfortable if you set up the wrong scheme. So, that’s why need this post to guide you just right.

How Dark it Should Be?

dark wood floors living room

It’s an interesting question to answer. Well, there’s no exact guide to set the darkness of the hardwood flooring tone. You pick any dark color you like and balance it with other elements. If you’re new to have this in your room, it would appear intense at first.

Combine the flooring with the wall in light colors. You can go with the soft blues, greens, or even just a white trim all over the wall space. It’s a great solution to deal with dark wood floors. Try adding a soft-colored rug on it. It will light some part of the flooring space in the room.

Gray walls can also be a great combination with the dark flooring. If you think that a light-colored wall is not enough to balance the darkness. Well, just cover the surface as much as possible. The rugs will provide a significant change to the atmosphere.

However, there are some benefits to dealing with dark wood floors. It’s an element that can refresh your interiors easily. It suits every home or office style you have in.

Decorating with Dark Wood Floors

dark wood floors with honey oak trim

How about furniture and decoration? Well, there’s a lot of things you can do to balance the flooring with them. First of all, choose the lighter furniture. It’s not just light on the weight, but also with the appearance.

It will provide a harmonious feel to the room. Also, it will give you a pure ambiance to the room. It’s a very nice trick to try.

The next one is focusing on the wall color. Like I said before, it’s a great solution for a room that appears to be dark because of the flooring. However, it depends on the atmosphere or ambiance you want to have in the room.

Do you adorn to make the area feels wider? Use a brighter color on the walls. The darker tone is a good choice since it can create a deep, warm atmosphere.

Curtains are the functional element to cover the light that comes from the outside through the window. You have to choose the right one to make a big impact on the room. In this case, the area needs more lights.

So, the curtains need to be both in a lighter color and ideal thickness. Lighter furniture is also an important element of the room. Pick the cabinets or cupboards that can go against the dark wood floor. It will give a dramatic effect and striking appearance inside the house.

Some Ideas of Dealing with Dark Wood Floors

1. Rustic Accent Wall and Numbers of Windows

dark wood floors bedroom

There are a lot of open windows on one side of the house. You can see that the designer allows a lot of lights from the outside to get inside the room to make it lighter. Without those windows, this open living space could be so dark during the day.

That’s because of that rustic accent wall. It looks so attractive and appealing. The unique vibe on that part of this room complements the dark hardwood floor. It’s not a necessary addition but it keeps the dark element noticed.

2. Chic Kitchen with Dark Flooring

dark wood floors and white cabinets

This chic kitchen has an interesting set of elements. The dark wood floors in this room look stylish and elegant. That’s not because of the flooring itself. You can see that the rest of the entire space is bright white.

The effort to contrast the flooring is successful. It makes the dark wood floor more special. The elegance that this material has to offer is out of this world. Add some bronze or gold-colored appliances or decor items to make it more attractive.

3. Morrocan Rugs for Covering

dark wood floors and light wood furniture

Check out this classic and fancy living room. It contains a lot of antique items and some modern furniture. The dark brown hardwood floor doesn’t make the space gloomy.

On the contrary, the room appears to be brighter than expected. One of the reasons would be that area rugs. This Morrocan style element takes control of the situation. It separates the living room with the dining space nearby.

4. Black Flooring with Pops of Colors

dark wood floors and white kitchen cabinets

As you can see, this dark wood floors appear to be sleek and strong. It takes over the entire space inside the room. Well, you can make it less stall and dark with the addition of colors. Cover some part of the flooring with colorful area rugs.

It’s a clever move to give interesting additions to the darkness. Add more colors with the furniture. That way will elevate the elegance that this black wood floor already has. Light wall color and ceiling is still needed in this room since the floor space looks so dark, shiny dark.

5. Brown Wood Floor in Small Living Room

pictures of dark wood floors

It’s an ideal small living room that has a dark wood floor. This is a great example of how to balance the flooring with dark colors. As seen, the rest of the elements are in white and there’s a lot of chances for outside lights to come in.

To avoid the room for being too bright because of the all-white scheme, there is a lot of architectural texture involved including that coffered ceiling style.

Ending Thoughts

Dark wood floors offer you the elegance and interesting appearance you’ll love. There are also some risks you may need to deal with. Those ideas show you the right way to deal with it. Just copy them and add a bit of your style.

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