Easy Tutorial for Cutting Laminate Countertop and Picking the Right Blades

A lot of people start to look for information about cutting laminate countertop since this feature has been trending lately. It is probably something a bit surprising for many out there, but a laminate countertop is indeed making a comeback. Known for their 70s and 80s vibes, laminate countertops are often considered delivering a feeling of cheapness. However, many homeowners begin to forget this issue since the trend is changing.

Nowadays, these countertops come with more advanced designs and look. Moreover, they tend to last for exceptionally longer than some other materials too. Cutting laminate countertop is particularly popular among DIY enthusiasts since they are affordable and easy to deal with. There is no difficulty in cutting these materials and make them suit your design. If you are not sure, the following information will assist to trim laminate countertops like a pro.

To do the job properly, you will typically require a saw. However, cutting laminate countertop with a jigsaw is probably not suitable, especially if it is hand-operated. Since laminate is formed by thin layers of paper that are tied together with resin, a circular saw may make an appropriate tool to cut it. This device will work on the material’s robust nature while expediting the cutting process.

Step-by-Step for Cutting Laminate Countertop

Then, how can you cut a laminate countertop by employing a circular saw? To complete your work easily, follow these steps.

1. Measure the Distance for cutting laminate countertop


You shouldn’t overlook the necessity of preparation when doing a frail task as a cutting laminate countertop. First of all, you need to calculate the distance from the saw’s blade to the border of this shoe. It will help you utilize the fence effortlessly during the cutting process. Meanwhile, the sword will be able to sit against the fence for more accurate measurements. Keep in mind that this calculation is the basis for your further tasks.

To make the most of it, try to include a 1/16 of an inch to the calculation to give some room if an error occurs. You can sand any chippings and flaws in the laminate afterward with a belt sander.

2. Lay Your Tape on the Cutting Line

Laying a masking tape on the cutting line is a pretty critical step before cutting laminate countertop. This preventive measure helps you avoid any issue to the worktop during the trimming process. Chippings and any types of imperfection are the most common problems to occur when cutting laminate countertop. People often scratch it while doing the process, so suitable protection is essential here.

When trimming the countertop, try to move it away from the wall to make the process more effortless. Nevertheless, other problems may still occur in other tasks such as disconnecting fasteners and sink plumbing.

3. Cut Your Countertops

Once the above tasks have been done, you should get ready to start cutting your laminate countertops. to align the inside of the blade, Cut the line that was previously made. Then, mark the saw’s side and guard it past the inset cutting edge. Try to put down a piece of one-by-two inch flat timber over the countertop to make the process easier and then line up with the previous mark.

At this stage, you should keep in mind that the lumber is maintained out of the area between the guide mark and the trim line. It is also recommended to utilize a slender blade when cutting laminate countertop. You can taking some practices first in other areas to get accustomed to your trimming edge. After that, you can begin to trim unhurriedly with a stable movement until the blade cut through the whole countertop. Make sure to not leave a bad, imprecise line with chippings.

4. Sand the Edge and Finish the Job


You will want to iron out any flaws created throughout the process of cutting laminate sheet. Simply utilize an 8-cm sander along with a fine-grit carbide belt to grind the product properly. Finally, apply a kind of adhesive that is provided by your countertop’s supplier. Then, allow the product to dry and use a utility knife to do some correctness cuts afterward.

Tips to Choose the Best Blades for the Job

cutting laminate countertop

When it comes to cutting laminate countertop, understanding the above whole process is not the only important one. You need to know how to pick the right blade for doing the task as well. Of course, with a high-quality blade at hand, you will be able to do the above tricks more properly and effectively. You don’t need to worry about the type of circular saw to use since the right blade will affect the entire process even more.

Some blades are often more suitable for trimming particular materials than others. In terms of cutting laminate countertop, you will find one that suits it better too. Fortunately, laminate sheets are not the sturdiest materials out there. Thus, a common blade for cutting lumber must be adequate to trim this material. Nevertheless, if you want to cut more hardened materials, diamond blades should be an excellent bet. This typically expensive tool is frequently necessary when cutting granite countertops.

When choosing the blades for cutting laminate countertop, you may consider several factors about the material and the sharpness of the teeth. You can also consider other factors such as the size and the number of teeth on the blade. Many suggested that a circular blade with a lot of fine teeth or at least 40 is the best option for cutting laminate countertop.

Moreover, you may like to pick blades that have carbide tips since they typically last longer compared to common steel. Experts also recommend picking a narrow or a blade that comes with a thin kerf. An additional feature like a trapezoidal tooth design would be nice since it helps cutting more convenient and smoother.

Final Verdict for Cutting Laminate Countertops

cutting laminate countertop

All in all, a combination of proper preparation, precision, and patience is what you need to have when cutting laminate countertops. Then, make sure you pick the right blades to get the job done since cutting laminate countertop can be very tricky without a good quality tool at hand.

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