11 Curved Couch Ideas for Any Home Design

Furniture is one of the indispensable elements that you need to take into consideration when it comes to carving out elegance and comfort. Have you ever tried a curved couch? Give it a try! But before purchasing it, take a look at some design ideas below.

1. Curved Sectional Sofa

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A sectional sofa features L shape that allows you to lounge on comfortably. A curved couch can also come in quarter round and semi-circle shape that enables you to stretch out your legs and feel more relaxed.

This curved sectional sofa, for example, can be a nice alternative to the L-shaped one. Its clean-lined and simple design makes it fit in with modern flair immensely.

To get a coherent look, pair it with a round coffee table or ottoman. Do not forget to lie a circle area rug beneath it to accentuate the unique shape while keeping your feet warm and comfortable.

2. Modern Curved Sofa

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This is another unique curved couch that you should try. Instead of forming a quarter-round shape, this one is nearly a full circle if only the one-third part of it were not missing.

The couch features monochromatic colors and clean-lined edges that make it suitable for any modern home.

As seen, this sofa comprises three different couches and two sides tables that are arranged to make a circle with a round white coffee table in the middle.

The side tables allow multiple users to share the same spot to set down their drinks and snacks while having a conversation.

An armchair sits between both ends of the couch to complete the circle.

3. Vintage Curved Sofa

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A curved couch is not only for modern houses. If you are really into vintage style and wish to have a semi-circle sofa in your living room, you can opt for this one.

This arched couch features navy velvet upholstery that accentuates the upscale look of this vintage living room. Tufted accent adds textural elements into the area. The white legs match the sculpture well.

4. Plush Curved Couch

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This plush arched couch is such a comfortable place to curl up snugly while watching your favorite TV show. Made of linen, this sofa will be durable and easy to clean. The coral color will jazz up your living room nicely.

The unusual design of this couch matches the coffee table nicely, making them a perfect combination for a mid-century modern living room. Just pair it with a hairpin-leg coffee table, and you are good to go.

5. Where to Put a Curved Couch

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A curved couch can be the best solution to awkward space. You can just position it in a corner, and you will have space behind it, which is perfectly fine.

To tame the awkward space between the corner and the arched couch, you can fill it with a tall plant, a floor lamp, or any other decorative item of your choice.

Another way to position your arched couch is by placing it against an accent wall or a large window with a nice view so that you can get plenty of natural light.

6. Outdoor Curved Couch

curved couch and ottoman
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You do not have to go hiking on a mountain or having a vacation on a beach to spend some time with your family. Your backyard can be a great place to relax while catching up with them. Just make sure you invest in the right furniture.

Try a curved couch for the living area in your backyard. The semi-circle shape will allow you to maintain the conversation well. Place a round fire-pit table in the middle so that everybody can stay warm.

7. Conceal the Back with a Curved Console Table

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Sometimes if you position a curved couch in the middle of a spacious living room, it will look as if it were floating. The back of the sofa is exposed, which can be an eyesore.

To overcome this problem, you can conceal the back of the couch as well as anchoring it in place by making a curved console table. Besides, it will incorporate additional storage space.

8. Curved Sofa Bed

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This unique curved couch is all you need to enjoy your evening movie. The intriguing design will steal anyone’s focus in no time. It also features an expandable platform to stretch your legs, which makes it a fantastic sofa bed.

It also has a foldable cushion that you can use as a side table to set down popcorn and sodas when watching movies. This arched couch is made of leather that enables you to clean it without breaking a sweat.

This couch is gonna be a clever addition to a mansion type of a house.

9. Scandinavian Charm

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Many people are dying for the Scandinavian style. If you are one of them, you should add this curved couch into your list.

Scandinavian furniture features subdued colors with clean-lined shapes and simple accents, just like this arched couch that comes in light, muted blue with an unsophisticated tufted accent.

The curvy shape matches the unique-yet-stylish coffee table nicely.

10. Perfect Circle

curved couch bench
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Some curved couches come in a fixed set along with the ottoman and bench or chair. This item is the ideal model of it.

This black curved couch features two identical benches that allow you to accommodate more guests. It also has a round ottoman that serves you a double-duty; as a coffee table on which you set down snacks and beverages as well as an extra seat.

All the ottoman, benches, and couch have leather upholstery which enables you to clean them easily. Once you pull them together, they will form a perfect circle.

11. Wavy Couch

curved sectional bench
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A semi-circle couch or an L-shaped one might be a dime a dozen. If you are looking for an unusual one, this wavy sofa would be your greatest bet.

Instead of having a steady shape just like many other couches, this sofa features a zig-zag shape like waves in the ocean. Besides, the light blue hue teaming up with soft linen upholstery embodies the sea nicely.

Now you know that a curved couch can do more than just a place to lounge on. It can tame the awkward space and corner very well, not to mention their intriguing design that will spruce up your living room and awe anyone who sees it.

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