The Standard of Countertop Overhang in the Kitchen

Without countertop overhang, a kitchen would feel different. Many designers considered it as a crucial part of the kitchen space. It would add more functionality to the element. You will have more space to do things on top of it.

When you have a larger or wider area to operate, there won’t be spillages and falling things off the counter. It also gives some kind of protection to the drawers and cabinets below it. Nowadays, a countertop overhand adds a more sophisticated look to the kitchen.

For your information, there are some measurements of the standard to determine the length and width that a countertop overhang should be. So, let’s talk about it.

The Standard Measurements

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There are various measurements that some designers and people choose. When dealing with countertop overhangs, check it from different angles. Though you can attempt concentrating on certain steps.

A regular extension to the countertop is approximately one and a half inches. That means it should have a counter over the base cabinet for 1 ½. It’s pretty standard to have it that way. However, you don’t need to be precise. It’s according to the size of the island and the material.

You can go for more than one and a half. It’s not recommended to have it below the standard. Having countertop overhang will prevent spills, crumbs, or other particles get into the drawers or cabinets. Also, there won’t be ay counter cupboard toe kick incident.

According to the element or furniture, choose the 12 inches size of overhang for the island and bar top. They’re different from countertop because of distinguishing requirements.

For example, island overhangs can have stools under. There will be more legroom for the seating. So, it’s important to plan first before choosing the countertop style. You can also extend the size to 15 or even 18 inches.

Moreover, having a larger size of the granite top would require special treatment. You have to install some supporting legs to hold the overhangs. Some designers won’t recommend it longer than 12 inches. It’s the standard, though.

The Clearance of Countertop

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 Let’s be clear about this. For those who don’t realize just yet, you have to know that having a bigger countertop means less space around it. The countertop overhangs would take some of your walkways in the cooking area.

You need to sacrifice the walking area to add more space for appliances and kitchen features on the countertop. People don’t want it to be too wide and large. It will waste a lot of ways nearby.

Countertop Overhang with Seating

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The kitchen island with overhang is a perfect space for the dining area. If this is part of a plan, make sure there will be enough room for legs for comfortable seating. Because of that, the 1 ½ rule can’t be applied. So, It needs a longer size that’s enough for legroom.

Decide the length and width according to the design of the stool. If they’re quite tall, it means the needed space for the legroom will be less. For 42-inch stools, you will need less countertop width.

However, you don’t need to calculate how tall your stools or chairs should be. At the end of the day, the height doesn’t matter. The standard for the island is at least 24 inches of overhang.

Extra Space Addition Countertop Overhang

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If possible, you can improve the overhang space. It would surely add more functionality to the countertop. Managing the spills and cleaning would be much easier. There will also be more area for cooking operation.

Just add a few inches to the overhang. Trust me, it would make a significant change to the kitchen. As we know, a countertop is a premium element of the cooking space. So, show its maximum potential.

Extending the countertop on the bar and island surely creates a more functional environment for the kitchen. As said before, the standard measurement for the kitchen island’s overhang is 12 inches. If you need even larger space, some sort of support would be essential.

Without the support systems, the countertop overhang and the entire element would be at risk. Well, the maximum size you can go with no legs is 14 inches for stone material and 10 inches for granite.

The Countertop Style Matters

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Another important part to consider when dealing with countertop overhang is the style. Its role is quite essential too. After getting the right size and measurements, you may start to choose the theme or design of it.

There are numerous options for countertop designs. It will surely give a significant impact on the whole architecture. Here are the most common styles of countertops:

  • Eased Style. It’s a countertop that has a slight shape with a traditional look. The rounded edges are the characteristic.
  • Waterfall. It one of the luxury styles of granite countertop that extends to the floor space.
  • Squared Countertops. This one is a standard type. People also called it as Flat
  • Ogee Style. It’s a countertop the shape of an S. it offers a classic and elegant appearance.
  • Marine Style. You can see a lip at the edge.
  • Bullnose. It comes with a rounded edge.
  • Custom Styles. The design of the countertop’s edge is according to the owners.

You can also go with midway style. It’s a popular choice having countertops with little to no overhang. A more prevalent choice that offers a sleek design. Even though there will be no extra working space, the overall design is a winner.

It’s an option for those who might not be comfortable with the idea of taking more floor space. But remember, there won’t be increased functionality without the countertop overhang.

You search through this website for more knowledge and tutorials of designing countertops

The Final Words

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Countertops provide a surface for kitchen chores. It played a practical role in a cooking space. This element would help a lot. In a normal design, there’s a slight overhang to prevent spills from dribbling onto the drawers or cabinets.

Sometimes, the spills still have a path to touch the cabinet or drawers. Well, it must be better to have larger overhangs. Speaking of that, the standard measurement for overhang is about one and a half inches.

If it includes seating, the countertop overhang can extend significantly until there’s comfortable legroom. Design it according to the design and style you wanna have.

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