Maximizing Space with Corner Tub Ideas

From all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is usually the place with the smallest space. With a limited area, it seems impossible to have a corner tub inside. However, anything is possible if you maximize every little corner inside.

The corner is usually one of the spaces people forget and leave out, whereas if this is maximized well, it can give extra area to build a corner tub.

However, before making a corner tub, make sure to measure every side of the corner, moreover the area from the edge to the middle of the room. Therefore, you know how much free space you have.

Why Build Corner Tub Inside the Bathroom?

corner tub and walk in shower

Every bathroom needs a tub to take a bath or just to relax. However, building this kind of facility usually needs a big spot because they are usually available in large.

To solve this kind of problem, rather than having to buy a ready tub why not make one adjust the space. Not only can it be cheaper, but it can also fit perfectly into the room. This way, you do not need too much space, and every area in your bathroom is utilized well.

Another great thing about the corner tub is it is easy to install. The key to making it the right is knowing what design you want and how you will install it. If you can figure out the answers to these questions, then it will not be a problem.

Things to Consider for Corner Tub

corner tub shower

Whether you have a small or big bathroom, corner tubs can be applied. All you need to make is a free space on the edge of the room. Then decide the type and design you would like to build.

However, to ensure you get a comfortable tub, make a large base. This way it will fit your whole body and make it possible for more than one person.

As for the depths, normally the range is between 21-26 inches, depending on how big the tub is. However, the deeper it is the more you can soak your body and relax.

• Shape of the Tub

corner tub with jets

Because the location is in the corner of the room, determining the shape and design may be the challenging part. People must find the right model that can suit the remaining space.

Most people use a triangle shape tub to place in the corner of the room. Without any effort, this kind of model will fit perfectly on the edge of the room. You just need to add extra ornaments to make it look better.

The next option that can be you can consider is a trapezoid structure. The shape also has many corners, which makes it easy to fit in those spaces. Its unique format will also make the bathroom look better rather than using a normal tub.

However, if you want a simple design, the rectangle or hexagon tub can also be an option. Rather than just putting it in the corner, you may need to arrange it a bit so it can fit your bathroom space.

• Materials of Corner Tubs

corner tubs for small bathrooms

One of the most common materials that people use for their corner tub is acrylic. This is a combination of a few elements together that are heated and then molded into a bathtub.

Many people prefer to choose this material because it is one of the affordable ones compared to the others. It is also non-porous; therefore, it will not absorb any excess water. On top of that all, this element can retain the water heater temperature to make it stay cold or warm.

The next option you can choose is cast iron. This is one of the best materials because it is the most durable and has the highest resistance from scratches and chipping. 

The maintenance is also very easy because all you need is warm water and baking soda. If the stain is old and hard to remove, then you can easily use a polish cleaner to clear it off.

After choosing the material you would like, it is time to determine how to install the tub. You can choose between built-in or dropping into the platform. People mostly choose the first option because they can adjust it with the shape of their corner.

Modern & Traditional Corner Tub

corner tub and shower

For those who want a modern corner tub in their bathroom can choose ceramic or acrylic as the main material. Their plain color makes is simple and minimalist, which suits the theme you like.

Also, choose simple and neutral colors for the tub like white, grey, or crème. These are the best tones that will make your bathroom feel cool and look modern.

On the other hand, if you want to make it a bit traditional, you can use the same material. However, on the sides of the bathtub, you can use a wood panel as the ornament. This will give a different accent to the room and make it looks vintage.

Just make sure not to use materials that are not resistant to water because it will damage them. So, be a bit careful when choosing elements for your corner tub.

Additional Facilities on the Tub

corner tub and shower unit

A tub is usually the place where people relax their whole body. Therefore, to make it more relaxing and comfortable, add some other features and facilities inside. 

One of the things you can build in is a bench and a place to lay your arms. With this additional, you can lay your back, stretch your feet, and enjoy some wine too.

Another great facility you can add to your corner tub is whirlpool or Jacuzzi. This option may cost extra electricity and cost, but it will surely make you more relaxed and comfortable inside.

So, rather than letting a space in your bathroom, corner tub is a great addition. They come in many kinds of sizes, shapes, and sizes that you can adjust with the free space in your room. Even though the model may be a bit strange, but it gives a unique touch to the whole design.

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