Stunning Ideas For Corner Kitchen Sink

The corner kitchen sink is a nice element to make use of left-out space in your cooking area. People often struggle to find the right ideas for the layout in their house. So, the first thing to do is to consider the type of sink.

There are some innovative sinks you can try that would probably blow your mind. If there’s a doubt, just go with the basic ones, as long as the faucet works well together, that would be fine. Just choose everything that suits the corner scene.

You can find many ideas of kitchen sink available in the market. From the modern sleek style to the one that has a rustic and farmhouse vibe, all of them are ready to fill your corner space. There also some designs that accommodate garbage disposal units under it.

Explore the ideas as many as possible so you can find the right one for your kitchen. Beside the sink, the countertop and backsplash should also be the one to consider. Don’t forget to make everything well-combined.

Kitchen Sink Ideas in the Corner

corner kitchen sink cabinet

As we know, the kitchen is the heart of a house. While the sink is the crucial element of the cooking area. The location and design is the key to improve the value and efficiency of the space. Having it right in the corner can be a problem in designing the full layout.

There are things you need to decide before installing the corner kitchen sink. Considering the shape, size, and styles are some of them. In this post, we’ll provide you with some innovative ideas of the corner kitchen sink. You will see how the designers manage to design the layout.

1. Modern Sink in Minimalist Kitchen

corner kitchen sink with drainboard

One of the reasons why people should have a corner kitchen sink because it’s space-saving. This is what a minimalist interior is looking for. The white countertop and brown wood cabinet looks so sleek in this kitchen.

Making use of the corner countertop space by installing a sink like that is so incredible. This way will make the element easily accessible to improve the kitchen flow while saving some space.

2. Lovely Black Kitchen Sink in the Corner

corner kitchen sink ikea

Take a look at this lovely corner kitchen. It’s placed right beside the window which is great to make space airier. The white countertop and wall amp up the lavender and other purple accents in this kitchen.

Let’s focus on the sink design. This black corner sink has a suitable shape. It’s something that could attract attention. It’s the only dark color in the middle of the soft and bright scheme. People would admire the contrasting charm that it has besides its functionality.

3. Acrylic Corner Kitchen Sink

corner kitchen sink countertop

There won’t be a dead corner anymore in your kitchen. The existence of this acrylic corner sink will fill it up with its beauty. The unique shape and design is something that would make people impressed.

As you see, the kitchen has a rustic backsplash and some farmhouse accessories nearby. It means this kitchen needs something that will connect with the style. That’s why this dainty and clean sink with acrylic material came to complete.

4. Undermount Kitchen Sink Countertop

corner kitchen sink and cabinet

Some people would think a corner sink doesn’t work well to support the kitchen flow. Well, that’s because they don’t know how to choose the right one.

It should be the one that’s specially designed for a corner space. That means it would surely improve the flow and efficiency of your cooking.

Check out this white kitchen sink in the corner. The countertop blends well with it which sets them as a single element among others. It’s like the counter becomes the sink itself.

5. Stylish Kitchen Sink for Tiny Corner Space

corner kitchen sink and base unit

The space in the corner of the countertop will catch attention if you add this stylish sink. That fresh blue color on the countertop and floating shelf makes a great base. Some brown wood accents separate the elements a little bit.

So, the white walls, cabinets, and sink won’t be taken over by that soft and inviting blue color. The small sink design is pretty suitable for your tiny kitchen space. It’s got a single basin, faucet, and the drain space, all in a smaller portion.

6. Overmount Double Kitchen Sink

corner kitchen sink aus

Check out this double kitchen sink that has a basin on each side of the corner. This innovative design is perfect for your fancy kitchen. The one you see in the kitchen is made of the composite which the color matches well with the marble countertop and backsplash.

Some other materials might fit the style of your kitchen. You can go with the stainless material which is a pretty common type.

The Pros and Cons of Corner Kitchen Sink

The Pros

fitting a corner kitchen sink
  • It saves floor space. So, it’s easier for more than one person to get busy in the kitchen. When the sink placed in the corner, it means the main space for the cooking area is spacious for more people.
  • There will be more storage space. The wedge-shaped sink placed in the corner has its cabinet. You can use it to store all the cleaning supplies and other necessities.
  • The counter space will be more spacious. As we know, the corner countertop tends to be underutilized. Using it as a place for a kitchen sink would leave more space on the main counter.
  • Having a sink in the corner can improve the appearance of the whole layout and make it more outstanding. Once it’s there, there’s no chance to unuse it since it’s the busiest part of the kitchen.
  • One thing for sure. The corner kitchen sink will increase the efficiency of the space. You will get more work area than before.

The Cons

organizing under a corner kitchen sink
  • The first big downside of the corner kitchen sink is the size. There will be a limited amount of space available. You can’t have what’s trending right now, the large one. You should install the small one to make it efficient.
  • The cleaning can be an issue too since the corner area behind the sink could be difficult to reach.

Final Words

Overall, there are more advantages you’re be dealing with if you choose to install a corner kitchen sink. Select the right types that match the interior style.

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