Inspiring Corner Fireplace Ideas for Your Living Room

Are you looking for corner fireplace ideas? Keep reading this post because some inspirations would come to you.

A fireplace right at the corner space of the living room is one way to maximize the underutilized space. So, there’s gonna be more walls you can have to place other elements such as furniture, artwork, houseplants, and many more.

Moreover, the corner fireplace is exceptional to some residence. It’s not just for the functionality but also the decorative side. A wood-burning fireplace provides the warmth that you and the guest would enjoy while it shows its charm all over the space.

How to Manage Furniture Placement?

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Dealing with the fireplace in the corner means that you have to rearrange the furniture set. That’s because it’s not a popular option for the living room. It’s quite tricky to do this.

The first thing to plan is the use of the space itself. If you use it only for gathering with warm air, set all the furniture with the fireplace as the center of attention.

Some addition of an area rug is very important for this setting. It will help define the arrangement of floating furniture. Make sure to leave a space for traffic to let people move freely around the set.

Fireplace Living Room with TV

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If the living space has a TV and any other sources of entertainment, you should know how to manage it. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Place the TV right above the fireplace. It’s a common option you can go with. Most living room design with this corner element has the TV on a fairly high spot on the wall. Make sure the wall is safe for that electronic.
  • Create Two seating areas if possible. For a larger space of a living room, it would be better to have a special area for each focal point. The TV and other entertainment will be the focal point in the main seating set. The secondary set is for enjoying the warmth from the fireplace from the corner.
  • Have the fireplace as a backdrop for your TV. This is a good option since people need entertainment more than they need warmth.
  • Well, there are endless possibilities to try arranging the TV and fireplace in the corner. Try different things depending on the factors and spaces you have in the living room.

Some Amazing Corner Fireplace Ideas to Inspire

1. Corner Fireplace Ideas in Southwestern Living Room

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This stylish living room design is so attractive. That plaster fireplace in the corner looks stunning with that emphasizes its unique shape. As you can see, there’s some seating space for people who want to be in a warmer area.

The designer decided to keep the concrete wall with its natural tone that has a smooth surface. That brings out the rustic vibe in this living room. The style gets even stronger with that sustainable wood ceiling.

2. Beautiful Corner Fireplace with Stone Mantle

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It’s a nice and comfortable living room. There’s a large space to set the sofa set a bit far from the TV and fireplace. The rug decides the main area of this living room. One focal point that pleases the eye is that mantle.

Such natural material for fireplace mantle is quite common. But, it looks more special in this living room. That is what the designer want. Moreover, there’s an interesting artwork right above the fireplace.

That means the fireplace wants to steal people’s attention from the TV. The corner space would still get the attention it deserves.

3. Attractive Choice of Tiles

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It’s a simple element to add interest to the corner fireplace. Applying the matching tiles to gain attention is what you’re supposed to do. It’s a renovation idea for an easy transformation.

With that decorative tile design that matches with the sofa color, people would see the fireplace the focal point of the living room. The TV and other elements are just here to join the fun. Such a vintage mantle with shelf makes a great package.

4. Kiva Fireplace Corner

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This is a unique fireplace design to have for the living room. Probably, it’s just gonna be the secondary seating. However, it would become the most favorite space of the house, especially during cold weather.

Check out the design of the fireplace itself. It’s called a beehive fireplace. Southwestern style of homes will have this. It’s made from clay material that’s used for the house’s wall. Make it look authentic with the animal skull head as decoration.

Look at those two cozy chairs side by side facing the corner fireplace. There’s also a glass window that has an outdoor’s view on the right. Then, you can enjoy the beautiful artwork on the left. It’s gonna be a perfect reading corner in the living room.

5. Freestanding Fireplace in the Corner

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This one is something that doesn’t become one with the building of the house. It’s a freestanding element you can incorporate it anytime into the house. Use the left-out corner space with this fireplace.

There’s some high-tech mechanism involved in this element. It’s a good choice for a house that doesn’t have a fireplace yet. Just have it installed and it’s ready to heat the entire room. If you find the right manufactures and brands for this product, you will enjoy it with satisfaction.

Corner Fireplace in Bedroom

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Besides the living room, you can have a corner fireplace in other rooms like a bedroom. You can still apply the same treatment to this room. It’s important to choose the one that has a technology in which you can control the heat you will get.

It’s recommended to have the modern style of the fireplace for the bedroom. On the other hand, there’s a chance for you to have a traditional fireplace. You have to know and be ready to face some problems. Find the solutions to deal with them.

Final Thoughts on Corner Fireplace

Having a fireplace in the corner is very clever. It gives more space on the other side of the wall for other elements. The living room will be more spacious with corner fireplace ideas.

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