A Corner Closet to Provide Ultimate Comfort

Corner closet is currently one of the popular chosen ideas to overcome the room arrangement problem. As we know, the effective space utilization is the main key to live in modern ages. We should use every inch of space as effectively as possible for the greatest possible yield.

No wonder, the use of the corner closet has also become significantly greater over time. This is driven by increasingly limited land to build a comfortable space. The more effective use of space, the more pleasant the atmosphere produced.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how useful the corner closet ideas are. Some people even do not know that there are effective ways to save space and provide ultimate comfort, even in a narrow space. So let us discuss it!

Understanding the Corner Closet System

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A closet is an enclosed space used for clothes storage. However, people sometimes put items related to clothing insides, such as shoes, bags, accessories, and many more. Some fashion lovers even provide a special room just for storing their belongings.

However, you do not even do that much. To store things, the only things you should do are to use any empty spaces inside the house. You can transform the space under the stairs or corner of the room into the closet.

You do not even need to buy new furniture or spend a lot of money on home renovations. Use simple materials such as hangers or old boxes arranged in such a way as storage. With the help of the internet, any corner closet design can be found easily to inspire you.

Deciding the Best Corner Closet Design

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In general, there are two basic corner closet designs to apply at home or other places. Of course, you can choose them based on the taste, purpose, as well as your room condition. The following are the two types.

• Free Standing Closet

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A freestanding corner closet is a storage cabinet, which does not stick to any part of the house. It is portable, stand-alone, and can easily moveable. Therefore, it is the best choice for practical people.

While using this closet, you do not need to bother installing it to a wall or taking apart it when moving. Unfortunately, this type of furniture is usually less flexible in terms of shape. You should know the size of your room well and make sure that it fits.

• Attached Closet

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In contrast to the free-standing, an attached corner closet must be installed to a wall or other surface area with the help of various tools, such as nails, wall elbows, glue, and so forth.

Despite the more complicated installation, people prefer to choose this because of its flexibility.  For example, if you get five shelves in one package, you do not have to use it all. You even can use only one corner closet shelf to fit the room capacity.

Based on the two types mentioned above, each person surely has a choice. Just choose the best corner closet, which is suitable according to your tastes and needs.

How to Maximize Your Space by Using Corner Closet

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After choosing the right type of closet, now is the time to set up the structuring strategy. There are several points you should follow to save space by using this type of cabinet. Here are a few:

  • Observe your room before choosing or making. To make a perfect closet you have to consider all of the factors. Measure the size of your room several times to get an accurate result.
  • Observe your needs. How many items do you want to put in the closet? You do not need to buy or build too big corner closet cabinet if you do not have many things to place. It is better to use the space for another useful purpose.
  • In case you want to build it by yourself, design your corner closet in detail. It is not only about the shape but also the materials, the durability, the long-term usage, the effects on the room, and so on.
  • Equip your storage with doors, curtains, or else. A corner closet with doors is better to protect anything inside. Besides, your room will look tidy, as you have hidden the mess behind the door.
  • To maximize space, you should provide more room for hanging clothes. In addition to keeping the clothes neat, it will also save storage space. It makes more room for items to put.
  • Try to maximize space by placing other storage space on the sidelines. You can add a basket under the hanger or use a bulkhead to separate several types of items.
  • The small items like jewelry, accessories, or else should be put neatly to avoid the mess. Hence, you will need a lot of organizers or containers. Try to classify each item according to the types and put it in a different organizer.
  • Watch your placement system. Try to put the frequently used items at accessible places. Thus, you can easily find it without having to make a mess.

In the science of spatial planning, there are many tricks to be applied for the sake of saving space. The explanation above is sufficient to represent, but maybe there will be some special treatment depending on the condition of the room. Please consult with experts.

Should I Build My Corner Closet at Home?

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The IKEA corner closets are usually designed with a variety of attractive models. It is quite flexible and adjustable to put inside the house. However, there are times when you cannot find the right one for your room.

In another case, you feel that it does not meet your taste so you want to change it. That is not a big problem. You can even do it yourself by using existing materials. Your custom corner closet may be more attractive than those displayed at stores may.

You should see some fabulous closet ideas for more references.

Do it yourself if you can, but if not, you can just use the services of a carpenter to make the best storage area at home. Even if you are not sure how to build it, you can still ask the expert for the best consideration. Why don’t you try making your corner closet now?

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