Installing a Corner Bathroom Vanity to Clear Odd Spaces without Cases

The term corner bathroom vanity may sound strange for some people. Although it has been used widely around the world, not all people understand how important the function is, particularly in the spatial planning system.

However, you may see it almost every day when visiting public places, such as shopping locations, hotels, and others. On the other hand, only a few people use this furniture as a part of their daily lifestyle.

In case you do not know, a corner bathroom vanity is part of spatial design that is very useful for maximizing space. Commonly, it consists of the sink, pedestal, along with storage drawers. Some model even has a mirror to complete the design.

What is the Corner Bathroom Vanity?

corner bathroom vanity with sink

Most ordinary people will probably see the vanity bathroom corner as a sink. It is not entirely wrong, as this furniture is equipped with the handwashing feature. However, some things need to be straightened out.

A bathroom vanity is a multifunctional entity that is more than just a handwashing area. As explained above, this is equipped with drawers or storage shelves that make it possible to accommodate the toiletries, such as towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and so on.

The vanity makes a bathroom look more beautiful and concise. It is not the main part of the arrangement but enables people to use their spaces effectively. The part under the sink that is usually empty can be used as a storage area for toiletries.

How Important Is It?

corner bathroom vanity mirror

Maybe some people ask about why we should use corner bathroom vanity. Is it important? Of course, the answer is relative because it adapts to the conditions of each home. However, let us find the answer through this example.

A person lives in a house built in a narrow area. He needs to maximize all space to provide optimal comfort, but then he had problems. The bathroom construction left a corner that could not use well. Inevitably, he had to leave it empty because no furniture fits the corner.

The solution is easy. I will recommend him to use L-shaped corner bathroom vanity whose shape the most appropriate with the angle. It is easy to install but will give a new good impression on his property.

If he does not want to build custom, just look for various product references, for example, Fresca Coda white modern vanity. The store provides the most suitable model to be installed in the wasted space.

After installing the furniture, which of course has been adapted to the size of the corner and room conditions, then he will have a storage device and practical furniture without wasting space.

Another different case if you live in a house with a very wide space. You can put and arrange anything without worrying about cramped feeling. Then, you confused about the existing space.

The vast land makes you place everything carelessly so that it affects uncomfortable views or ineffective use of space. Then, the solution of the problem is again spatial arrangement strategy. You should add useful furniture to fill the empty spaces.

Based on the illustration above, it can be concluded that spatial planning is very important. The use of corner bathroom vanity is just one way to overcome the problems that occur in the bathroom area.

In essence, we need to provide furniture that can accommodate things so as not to give the impression of a mess. So, let us start our spatial arrangement strategy by the use of corner bathroom vanity.

Applying Bathroom Vanity Ideas

corner bathroom vanity with drawers

After deciding to apply the corner bathroom vanity, it is time to find out how to arrange furniture beautifully and efficiently at your home. The following are some recommendations that can be done.

• 2 Sink Bathroom Vanity

corner bathroom vanity and mirror

If your bathroom is quite large, this model can be a good idea. Thus, you can make more room for other family members who want to use the sink at the same time.

This design also provides more storage space. However, if you use this kind of large corner bathroom vanity with sink, you should not place it in the same room as a toilet, bathtub, or shower room.

• Floating Corner Bathroom Vanity

corner bathroom vanity amazon

The floating bathroom vanity corner gives some benefits in terms of spatial arrangement. As must be mounted on the wall, you can adjust how high the placement is. You do not need to stick to the floor. Leave a little space under the furniture and use it as a storage room.

• L-Shaped Corner Bathroom Vanity

corner bathroom vanity units australia

The elbow-shaped walls will not be easy to utilize, but with the L-design, the problem is solved. It is a smart solution to apply in narrow spaces. This kind of corner bathroom vanity is available in various sizes and models.

Try to use a Pegasus Chesapeake 26” single corner bathroom vanity set. The minimalist but classy shape will give an elegant feel to your bathroom.

• Put Mirrors Everywhere

corner bathroom vanity brisbane

Placing a mirror in the bathroom is not without reason. In addition to ensuring that you clean yourself properly, glass material can also give an impression due to the reflected shadow.

The presence of a mirror also gives a more classy impression. Another benefit, this material is also durable to the moisture or splashes of soap and water. Try to check the corner bathroom vanity Lowe’s presented in their pages.

• Play with Colors

bathroom corner vanity unit basin

Building a bathroom is not a big problem. The hardest thing is how to decorate it. In the end, you might not succeed in finding suitable furniture, even after checking the list of corner vanity IKEA presented on its website.

If you have to deal with this problem, one way you can take is playing with color. Forget the idea about corner bathroom vanity for sale. You just need to give a new touch to your room. Repainting furniture or adding a colorful organizer might be an interesting idea.

The discussion about corner bathroom vanity is quite interesting to follow. Now you know how to make this room look more concise and attractive with just one small touch. Utilizing a small corner of the room now is no longer impossible.

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