10 Tips on Creating Cool Houses That Stand Out From the Crowd

Everybody has their own cool houses. They want it to be the best place to live in while creating memories. It has to be breathtaking and comfortable as well. Read on to find 10 tips on creating cool houses that will awe your neighbors and passers-by.

1. First Impression for Cool Houses


The first thing that comes to the sight of visitors and passers-by will be your front yard. For this reason, you need to improve the curb appeal. You can do many things to boost the curb appeal of your house. One of which he’s by growing some plants.

If you happen to live in an urban area where most houses lack space, you can try growing plants in window boxes or planters. You will also need to consider taking care of your lawn by keeping it manicured. But if you do not want the hassle, try investing in artificial turf. This faux grass really gives you the same look without giving too much trouble.

The symmetrical look will definitely boost the curb appeal of any cool houses instantly. You just need to find matching planters or lanterns and put them on both sides of your front door so that they will flank it.

2. Color Up Your Living Room


What do you use your living room for? Is it the place for you and your family to gather and catch up with the latest news or the spot where you can host your guests? Whatever it is, a living room is something that completes a house and makes it a home. For this reason, you need to choose the color scheme wisely.

Actually, you can go with any colors of your choice depending on your personal taste. If you cannot decide what colors that will be suitable for your living room, you can always go with neutral colors like white, gray, and beige. In fact, most cool houses use these hues.

3. Cool Houses Modern Style

Today’s cool houses interior features large windows, even some of them have floor-to-ceiling ones that allow natural light to come into space. The more natural light cool houses can obtain, the better because it can make the space more open and airier. Besides, natural Iight is good for your health.

To get plenty of natural light you need to consider getting rid of unnecessary window treatments like drapery. Well, you can still use them, though. But make sure you pull back the curtain or drapery during the daytime.

4. Choose the Right Artwork for Cool Houses

cool houses Choose the Right Artwork

Artwork can be one of the best adornments that you can display in cool houses. But you have to pay attention to the appropriate artwork that can go with a certain room because if you choose the inappropriate one, you will end up getting awkward space. For a bedroom, a large-scale artwork will be the most suitable. Just hang it over the bed or in front of it. Make sure that you position it at the eye level.

Avoid displaying a loud painting in your bedroom. the one with subdued colors or pastel colors will be great because your sleeping space is supposed to be serene. As one the place where the entire family gathers and the guests are welcomed, the right artwork is crucial. Try hanging a large-scale photograph to fill in the blank space. You can also try a patterned rug or tassel macrame, instead.

5. Light It Up

cool houses

In addition to natural light, artificial lighting also plays an important role in creating a wow factor of a house. Apparently, it is not just some lamps that illuminate the space but also accentuate your home style nicely.

The foyer is the first thing that your guests will notice. Therefore, ambient lighting, such as chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces will be suitable as they provide soft, golden light to space while creating an inviting look. If you incorporate a piece of artwork in the foyer and want to highlight it, consider adding some accent lighting with focus lights.

6. Ditch the Clutter

cool houses

Cool houses tend to be simple yet attractive. The secret to achieving this goal is by getting rid of clutter. People who live in a house with limited space might think to embellish it with smaller items. The truth is they are just making more trouble. A few larger items, such as a big vase, painting, and photographs are much better than an abundance of smaller decorative elements that are prone to clutter.

7. Create a Drama in Your Bedroom

chandelier that turns room into forest

Many cool houses find their own way to carve out a breathtaking view inside. One of which is this lampshade that creates the illusion of being in the woods. It is eminently simple, but it brings a big impact on space. This kind of lampshade would not be suitable for a place with multiple users like a living room. You had better put it in your bedroom so that you can feel as if you were sleeping in the jungle.

8. Don’t Forget about the Backyard


Although cool houses backyards will not be noticed by passers-by, every homeowner still needs to tap into it. Basically, the backyard landscaping is just the same as the front yard. Therefore, it depends on your style.

This Japanese backyard, for example, provides a soothing ambiance without making you do regular chores. Artificial turf covers the soil well. Some bonsais nestle on-wall-mounted shelved.

9. Add More Fun to Space


Cool houses have to be the ones that can make all the users, including your kids, smile exuberantly. You can try making a slide next to the railing. No one will restrain themselves from blowing off steam by sliding from the second floor to the first floor. Even adults will like this playful idea.

10. Add a Lively Lift


An easy way to add a wow factor in any cool houses is by bringing in plants to the interior.
Plants are beautiful. They can jazz your home up effectively. Besides, they will help you out with purifying the air well.

Those are 10 cool houses plans that you can include for your home makeover. They will definitely make yours look more amazing so that everybody who sees it will envy you.

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