12 Colors that Go with Orange Ideas Fresh Color Combinations

You might be wondering what colors that go with orange to spruce up your house. Do not worry! This article will show you how this vigorous hue can make a great match for any colors if you treat them right.

1. Red, Orange, and Gray

Fresh Colorthat go with orange

This minimalist kitchen features geometric shape and clean-lined edges which are typical to modern homes. This style can be somewhat dull due to the lack of decorations. To amp it up, you can use the power of orange color combination. The natural wood floor makes a great canvas for this kitchen, which allows you to combine any colors of your choice. Since you want to maintain the minimalist look, you have to stick to two or three hues. The combination of red and orange brings in good vibes to this kitchen. Adding a neutral color like gray will not be hurtful. In fact, it balances the look nicely.

2. What Color Goes with Orange Walls

Orange is the color of energy and happiness as the result of inheriting some traits coming from red and yellow. It can spread positive vibes to space. For this reason, painting the walls in your bedroom orange is advisable. However, too much orange in the bedroom is not good. To alleviate the over-stimulation caused by this color, try adding some white.

This color will look outstanding with orange walls. You can hang white shelves, use white bedding, and white wall stickers. They will complement this vibrant hue, not overwhelm it.

3. Colors that Go with Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue

Apparently, blue is the best sidekick for orange. They often look good together and complement each other. You can also add some tints between this pair to create a subtle nuance. A small amount of green can add a little bit of fresh look without overwhelming the space. Another color that you can add without ending up making a haphazard view is white. It will be always your safe bet.

4. Orange and Green

Cheery Yellow Bedrooms

Some shades of orange are less vibrant. Thus, they can make a more serene and feminine look to your bedroom. Coral is considered to be one of the pink shades. But it still has some elements derived from orange color. Therefore, it can be soft and energetic at once. If you are looking for the best color to pair with coral, give green a try. This bedroom has proven that this combination is not an eyesore. But you will still need some whites to fill in the “gap” between them.

5. Black and Orange Modern Living Room

Black and Orange Modern Living Room

Black is the color of boldness and formality while orange brings vitality to space. When they are combined, you will get the ultimate elegance, like this living room. This black couch looks great with an unusual orange chair. This unique combination is also found in the coffee table that features a sleek design. A soft area rug anchors them epically anchors them all, creating a more coherent look.

6. Orange and Gray

orange and grey living room ideas

As a neutral color, gray hues are colors that go with orange well. You can see it from how standout the couch is with the marigold wall as its backdrop. All you get is a minimalist and elegant living room. Some tints of yellow also make space look more appealing and inviting. An orange rug offers comfort for any bare feet.

7. Orange Color Combination Living Room

coral drapes living room colors that go with orange

It is said earthy tones are also colors that go with orange. You can tell it is not a total myth by looking at this classy living room. Orange window treatment and curtains with intriguing patterns create a spectacular backdrop for the seating. Brown velvet upholstery offers the ultimate comfort as well as luxury to this living room.

Beige tufted ottoman serves double duty. It can make a good coffee table on which you set down drinks and snacks as well as becoming the center of upscale ambiance. A green rug looking like moss covers the floor while determining the seating area.

8. Green Wall and Orange Bench

Green Wall and Orange Bench

Do green hues belong to the colors that go with orange? Well, you can see it yourself.
Green is the color of harmony, refreshment, and renewal. Painting the wall in your living room with it will incorporate the splash of life as it represents the hues of nature. It can also be a good option for those who are seeking a perfect alternative for the tedious neutral color palette. To add some splash of joy, an orange bench is added. The unique design of it makes a statement against the green wall nicely.

9. Orange and Purple

colors that go with orange

You might be wondering whether purple hues will be the colors that go with orange? Well, it depends on how you put them together. The wow factor can also be gained by the right shades.
In this bedroom, carrot and purple look great together when creating a girl’s sleeping space. The use of bold colors and clean-lined edges denotes modern flair. To beef it up, a red rug lies on the floor. Another red is also found in the bedding.

10. Orange and Beige


One of the neutral colors that go with orange is beige. It is a perfect option if you are not into the super hygienic look of white. The combination of burnt orange and beige adds the touch of elegance to any living room. When it is combined with tufted armchairs, couch, and ottoman, you get the classy look of the Victorian era.

11. Orange, Gray, Teal Combo


When designing a kid’s bedroom, always think about purity, cheerfulness, and energy. Thus, you should consider adding colors that go with orange to space. This craft room looks energetic as well as tranquil due to the combination of orange and teal. You can also find some grays in between that bind them together to create harmony.

12. Orange and Navy


Blue is one of the best colors that go with orange. Therefore, this navy bedroom should be on your list. Take a careful look at how some tints of orange found in flowers, table lamp, and pillow cheer up this sailor bedroom.

Those are some colors that go with orange nicely and can add a subtle nuance. Which one is your favorite?

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