Stylish Coffered Ceiling Ideas to Inspire

If you love an architectural interior design for your house, you will like coffered ceiling ideas. These elements would add such a big statement into space. It also brings interest that people can’t deny.

We all know that ceilings are an essential element of any house. Having it with some dimensions and texture would make it more impressive and decorative. You should consider having the coffered ceilings instead of that boring plain painted surface.

What is a Coffered Ceiling?

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The meaning of coffer is the sunken panel in the design of the ceiling. It’s a Greek word that translates for “basket”. However, it also means “box” or “chest” in the old French word. Most of the coffered ceilings in many homes have the panels in a grid pattern.

That’s a recommended pattern to use for coffered ceiling. Of course, there are other shapes to have instead of squares. You can choose the circles or even octagons.

As you can see, such architecture on the ceiling will provide an acoustic effect to the room. Eventually, it will soften and absorb the sounds. Making space feel cozier. This decorative element is not something you see often in many homes.

Coffered ceilings are also available in different styles of architecture. You can have it modern, minimal, classic, or even rustic. It’s the owner’s choice. Besides being an impressive element, it can also be friendly to small rooms as it can create the illusion of space.

The Advantages of Using Coffered Ceiling Ideas

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As said before, this kind of ceiling can create the illusion of space. A small room will feel bigger with this architectural element. This effect is great to improve the coziness of your house.

Besides that, coffered ceilings can also absorb sound. It means the room will feel more relaxed since there won’t be any sound-attenuating properties to reduce the unwanted sounds that might come.

Another good point of having a coffered ceiling is the elegance and aesthetic appeal. Surely, this one can make a bold statement and add drama to space. You will love its final result.

What Style to Go with Coffered Ceiling Ideas

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You can match this element to any style you want as long as the condition is possible. The coffered ceiling has a clean and modern look. You can design it to suits any style with a few additions or changes.

To make it suitable for a traditional style, you can aim to have it with a square or rectangular grid. For a clean and modern one, it should feature a minimalist beam pattern, For rustic vibe, choose the one that with wood beams.

All of them are the popular design choices for a coffered ceiling. You can even add color by painting it to the desired tones.

Coffered Ceiling Ideas to Explore

1. Faux Wood Beams

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This kind of ceiling is classic. It would make a great design for a living room that needs a rustic vibe. The elegant natural wood scheme in this space is just so perfect to set a calm atmosphere. The beams get a white accent for the lighting area.

The use of white color around the light is very clever. It will reflect it and making the lighting fixture produce brighter than it is. One more thing, the faux beam is easy to install. The fireplace idea is one of a kind

2. Coffered Ceiling with Molding

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Many years ago, people installed a coffered ceiling only for home offices or libraries. That’s because there’s so much elegance that it has to offer. Nowadays, this architectural element gains more and more popularity with a touch of a modern vibe.

This coffered ceiling with molding is a vintage style on another level. It brings out the charm of the Victorian style in this home. Especially, with the addition of that antique chandelier. The purple accents will overcome the statement-making ceiling design.

3. Mediterranean Bedroom with Hexagonal Ceiling

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Take a look at this glamorous bedroom. It’s such a luxury that is out of this world. It’s even better with that hexagonal coffered ceiling. This Mediterranean space feels a lot bigger because of that element up there.

The sunken design with hexagonal shape has molding too. Because of the color, it becomes one with the entire space. The white molding is what separates them.

4. Coffered Ceiling with Antique Copper Tile

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This is another level of uniqueness. This Venice ceiling tile comes with an antique copper element that looks miraculous. You can buy it piece by piece at the stores. It’s a great combination of the old world and modern-day style.

Having this legacy tin tile on the ceiling will enhance any room’s decor. Just by looking at the pattern and texture, it’s gonna be an issue in the cleaning. Well, you are wrong. The surface is easy to clean and it’s also water-resistant.

5. All-White Coffered Ceiling Ideas

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Check out this marine-style living room. It’s full of various elements that need to be mentioned one by one. Starting from the blue carpet. The material seems like the fabric that people use to make jeans. It’s still making a good impact even though it’s minimal.

There’s a couple of brass hanging lighting fixtures you can see above the kitchen island in the background. Even though it’s quite afar, it shines right in front of our eyes. All of the furniture seems to be supportive of the brightness around the house.

Finally, the main attraction of this living room that is the coffered ceiling. Having it in all white is not a wrongdoing. You are still able to showcase the texture since it can produce shadows that you can see. That’s an original touch that only produces by coffered ceilings like this one.

Is It Expensive?

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Well, many people considered this element as something that will cost a lot of money. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t look cheap but it doesn’t mean that it’s expensive. The aesthetic appeal and elegance to any room would only need about 25 bucks per square.

If you need about a hundred square feet for your house, the basic coffered ceiling would only cost you about 2,500 dollars. That’s a decent price for what it has to offer for your interior.


So, are you ready to incorporate a big statement? Choose the coffered ceiling ideas that fit your style.

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