9 Fabulous Closet Light Fixtures for Every Style of Your Home

When it comes to home renovation, you probably overlook your wardrobe area. No surprise, that place is typically dark and unorganized. Optimize its potential as functional storage by installing closet light fixtures.

Proper lighting is seriously crucial. It makes a closet more practical and appealing. More importantly, good light fixtures allow you to find your clothes easily. They provide a sense of safety, too. Here, we have prepared some amazing closet lighting ideas for you, from pendant lamps to battery-powered fixtures. This article also includes the advantages and disadvantages of all the options.

1. Motion Sensor Lights

led light bar for home

Looking for modern closet light fixtures? If so, choose motion-activated lights. They offer an easy installation. All you have to do is stick them above the rod using screws or adhesive strips. Moreover, these motion-sensing lights come with a sensor switch. To activate the fixtures, wave your hand on it. The working distance itself is about 5 cm. Wave your hand again on the switch to turn the lights off. They automatically won’t light up after a while.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • No need to touch the light switch
  • You don’t have to purchase a lot of batteries


  • They can’t illuminate a big closet
  • Only turn on at a certain working distance

2. Fluorescent Reach-In Closet Lighting


Fluorescent fixtures are a popular lighting choice for the reach-in closet. Not only are they energy-efficient, but also low-profile and fairly affordable. Moreover, fluorescent lights can brighten a larger area. Since they employ a silent electronic ballast, there will be no flickering and humming when you switch them on. Keep in mind that fluorescent closet light fixtures can overheat. Make sure the distance between the top of the closet cabinet and them is 18 cm or more. That way, your clothes won’t get damaged.


  • Suitable for any closet
  • Not too expensive
  • Consume less energy than their incandescent counterparts


  • Require higher maintenance in the long term
  • They can burn out

3. Strip Lights for Shelves

If you love something elegant, strip lights are such a good bet. They provide appropriate lighting and make your closet more aesthetic. Moreover, ribbon lighting is flexible. It allows you to cut the fixtures to your desired length. You can position the strip lights underneath the shelf. In no time, they let your well-preserved clothes become the center of attention.


  • Gives the closet a soft effect
  • Low-cost and simple to install
  • Can be installed anywhere


  • Too small for a large closet
  • Sometimes, the plug is not easily accessible

4. Crystal Chandelier


Without a doubt, a crystal chandelier is an outstanding source of light. It keeps the all-white walk-in closet from looking too plain. The chandelier makes the space more extravagant and welcoming. Additionally, it is one of the closet light fixtures that require regular maintenance. You can center the chandelier in the closet above your island. Combine it with downlights, ornate moldings, and coffered ceiling for a more sumptuous atmosphere.


  • Helps create a glamorous and elegant closet
  • Great for traditional-style closet


  • Not suitable for small closet space
  • A crystal chandelier can be super expensive

5. LED Lighting

walk in closet lighting ideas

If you want long-lasting closet light fixtures, look no further than LED lighting. It is practical and cost-effective, too. You can position the LEDs in the ceiling or corners of the room. Here, LED flush mount ceiling and recessed lights take the closet from plain to pretty. They use much less energy than the old school incandescent bulbs. Some of them have a motion sensor that turns on and off automatically. The traditional bulbs can become too hot and cause damage to your clothes. However, LED closet light fixtures won’t burn out, so they will always be safe.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact and subtle
  • There is a huge selection of color temperature
  • Lasts for a long period


  • Quite a costly upfront
  • Only work great in modern closet

6. Pendant Lamps

The pendant lamp is one of the most stunning closet light fixtures. That’s the reason you should install it in your space. Here, the closet boasts two white ball pendant lamps. Since the fixtures are oversized, they instantly create a major design statement. In case you have an island in your closet, position the pendant lamps above it. Do not hesitate to pair them with downlights for a well-lit space.


  • Come in different shapes and styles
  • Charming and functional


  • Oversized pendant lamps can overwhelm pocket-sized closets
  • You have to maintain them regularly

7. Track LED Lighting

Track LED light fixtures do not only illuminate the whole space but also emanate industrial charm. You have to install them on both closet sides. They provide an artistic touch without producing unnecessary radiation. Here, the black track light fixtures contrast nicely with the crisp white ceiling. They can be pointed to different spots, too.


  • Versatile and stylish
  • Plugging holes in the ceiling is not needed


  • They only work best in modern design
  • Not a perfect fit for a woman’s closet

8. Battery Powered Closet Light Fixtures

led in clothing cabinet

If you have a tiny closet, installing battery-powered lights is certainly the best way to go. They also do not require hard wiring. You can switch off and on the light fixtures by just pressing them. Some models even include a motion sensor for easier usage.


  • There are wireless options
  • Rechargeable and inexpensive
  • A practical way of lighting up the closet


  • You need to recharge the light fixtures frequently
  • They do not provide enough lighting

9. Indirect Closet Lighting

closet light fixtures

This idea calls true minimalists. If you are one of them, incorporating indirect lighting into your closet is a must. It will give the space a mystical and stylish look. Make sure the discreet closet light fixtures follow the contour of the ceiling. You can also build them into each open shelf.


  • Indirect lighting offers minimalist appeal
  • Perfect for tricky space
  • Versatile and easy to install


  • Indirect fixtures don’t blend in with traditional closet
  • Sometimes, they are not enough for big space

With so many closet light fixtures available, there is no reason not to gives your space the appropriate illumination it deserves. Install some of them in yours and wait for the dressing magic to happen.

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