Choosing the Best Cherry Wood Color for Your House

The red in Cherry wood color is one of the attractive points of this material. This is one of the reasons why many people love it compared to other elements, but for those who are new, what does this log look like and why are they special?

Well, one of the main characteristics of this material is the cherry wood color that is red. As time pass, the tone will not fade away, as it will become darker and make your furniture look even better.

Another great thing about this material is the grain patterns on the surface. With this abstract, the woods look more natural, real, and elegant. Therefore, no wonder cherry wood has become popular and used by many people for their furniture.

More to Know About Black Cherry Tree Facts

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Cherry wood comes from an American Black Cherry fruit tree that is usually in Pennsylvania. Other than its trunk, the plant itself has many benefits too. One of them is the cherry that people consume and the extract from the fruit that is usually for medicine.

Compared to other trees, the American Black Cherry can grow very tall and high, which makes it hard to harvest. Therefore, the wood is cut into lumber, which people can use for house needs and furniture.

 What makes this tree special compared to others is the cherry wood color. By the time, the tone of the material will change; however, it will not fade away. At first, it will start with a red-pink tone and as time pass, it will become darker to red-brown.

Despite the cherry wood color, workers also love using this tree because it is easy to work with. The cutting, process, and even the finishing is easy to do on this material. 

Cherry Wood Options for Your Furniture

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All cherry wood may look the same; however, the fact is they are not. By planting them and treating different methods can produce different kinds of quality too. Therefore, to know more, here are the types of Cherry wood.

• Black Cherry

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One of the most popular types is the Black Cherry, which comes from the American tree. It is one of the supreme woods that have dark but warm cherry wood color.

This hardwood is categorized as one of the best; therefore, it is mostly used for kitchen cabinets, cupboard, and cabinets too.

• Sweet Cherry Wood

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The next alternative you can choose is the sweet cherry wood. This material has a fine to medium texture with a close grain. It is also usually a bit wavy, but sometimes straight, it can be adjusted on the finishing process.

Compared to the Back-Cherry, this type has a brighter cherry wood color, which makes it look more modern. The durable of this material is also very strong; however, the price offered for this element is also quite expensive.

• Brazilian Cherry

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The Brazilian cherry is the next option of wood you can consider for your use. However, they are not a part of the American Black Cherry fruit tree as they are from a different species. People categorized them in the same family because they look alike.

One of the similarities is the cherry wood color on the log. It comes with a deep red color tone that will shine when the sun lights on it. Therefore, people prefer to use this element more for flooring rather than furniture.

• Patagonian Cherry

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For a unique cherry wood color, then use the Patagonian wood. This one member of the family can lighten up the room with its rose tone.

They are not used too much for house furniture as they have a uniform appearance. However, it can be used for residential projects and commercial flooring.

• Chilean Cherry

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Another type that has a unique natural cherry wood color is the Chilean. The tone of this log is light pale pink in the beginning and will get darker by time. Overall, the appearance is soft and is suitable to use for any kind of house needs or floorings.

The Use & Benefits of Using Cherry Wood 

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Like any other logs, Cherry wood is also a material that can be used for many kinds of needs, starting from flooring, cabinets, and doors to musical instruments. However, remember that each type has a different characteristic, therefore ensure to choose the right one.

One of the main uses of this material is flooring and kitchen cabinets that you can usually see in houses. This cherry wood furniture usually has simple designs; however, they can make the room look elegant.

Compared to other kinds of wood like the walnut, Cherry Berry is cheaper however more workable. It is also more flexible and has wider options of colors making it easier to adjust with home designs.

The making and finishing process of cherry wood is also easy to do, making it a favorite for carpenters.

Despite the cheaper price, Cherry log is also popular for its strong and endurance material. It is resistant to weather, insects, and water. However, make sure to give the right maintenance too, to prevent warping, cupping, or other damages. 

The only minus thing about cherry wood are they not easily available in all places. This is one of the reasons why cherry wood is still expensive, despite being cheaper than oak. The tree is not harvested in all forests; therefore, you might need to wait a bit before you get them.

Overall, cherry wood is a great choice of material for those who are seeking for furniture or flooring elements. The log is strong, easy to maintain, and best of all it cost less compared to other hardwoods. 


One of the things that make this material different from other hardwood is the cherry wood color. The tone will be slightly lighter in the beginning but will get darker by time. No need to worry because this change will make the furniture even looks better and elegant. 

So, if you are planning to build wooden furniture for your house, try considering this material. It is cheaper than other wood but has great quality and design.

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