Brick Backsplash Ideas for Modern Kitchen

It is not overstated to say that wars happen in the kitchen all the time. Why is it not when commotion’s causes, like hardware, fire, oil, and whatnot, meet there? Thus, you need some shield in a form of brick backsplash inside the so-called battlefield.

Fortunately, brick practically comes in varying designs and ideas as a backsplash instead of the classic raw red, so it meets the standard of almost any kitchen style, even for the modern cooking area of yours.

This article is going to reveal a bunch of brick backsplash inspirations inside the modern kitchen to show that those ideas are applicable. However, before that, here are brick backsplash pros and cons to help you judge fairly.


  1. Versatile to any concept – from old-world to rustic, this backsplash has the charm to fit in them seamlessly.
  2. Last long – famous for its durability, bricks are perfect to be the element of daily-use area, such as kitchen.
  3. Easy installation – unarguably, installing it is a piece of cake. Whether done by an expert DIYer or a professional, the assembly of brick backsplash can be finished in no time.


  1. Absorbs well – instead of proofing, bricks absorb any splatters and splashes, which leads to a dank surface.
  2. Difficult maintenance – due to its rough, textured surface, bricks are challenging to clean.
  3. Pricey – per square foot, you have to spend around $12–$20 in purchasing and installing.
    Now, after knowing the pros and cons, keep on reading to have some inspirations.

1. Gray Brick Backsplash

Gray Brick Backsplash

As per today, endless ideas and designs overwhelm the market of the brick backsplash. Nearly all colors and combinations are there, so you are free to choose and do the mix-match job. The kitchen in the picture implements gray-shade bricks as the backsplash and installs them side to side with the classic white subway tiles. Painting one wall with a dark gray color, so that the dull impression created by the pale color will disappear.

2. Brick Siding as an Alternative

Go for the easy version of brick backsplash if avoiding labor work is your priority: premade siding. With this alternative, you can skip the wall-damaging part. It is more affordable than installing the real one, on top of that. With appropriate-sized cutting, the premade siding will give you a final look as fine as real bricks.

3. Slate Conquers All

Brick Backsplash

We could say that nowadays backsplash holds a vital role aside from its original function of protecting your cooking area wall. It is completing the style of your kitchen. In terms of tiles, the ones out of slate are the best bet for a contemporary look. Slate gives you aesthetic, function, and uniqueness all at the same time. Besides, it is fireproof, just the right feature required to be in the kitchen.

4. Classic Works Equally Well

Brick Backsplash

Raw finishes might look traditional and only right to support the industrial concept, but they unexpectedly fit the contemporary interior as well. Why is it so? Combining colors, textures, and materials is the key here. Involve brick backsplash, wooden kitchen island, neutral-toned cabinetry, sleek electronic appliances, and natural stone flooring all at once. You will get a cozily matching cooking space like this one right here.

5. Major Modern-Minor Rustic Kitchen

Brick Backsplash

To be described as a modern kitchen, you should include clean design, straight lines, and white cabinetry into the set. Do not fail to add elements of translucent glass as well to emphasize the contemporary theme. Right then, it would be complete by the appearance of rustic from the bricks as the backsplash.

6. Major Rustic-Minor Modern

Major Rustic-Minor Modern

If the previous kitchen is dominant in modernism and accentuated by a little bit rustic, this one is the reverse version of it. Oakwood elements in beams and cupboards dominate the cooking area. Not to mention, the raw brick finishing also strengthens such a concept. In the meantime, the lighting fixture and gray marble countertop work as an accent to give a little touch of contemporary.

7. White Brick Backsplash

White Brick Backsplash

The brighter the brick backsplash is, the better the kitchen, or let us say the more impressive. By applying the appropriate texture onto it, you will get an inviting and warm zone. As long as the furniture outside the area is all in dark neutral tones, do not afraid to have an all-white cooking space. Finish your flooring in wood to add appeal and textures.

8. Personalized Backsplash

As stated previously, brick backsplash nowadays is available in a wide range of options. Do not get confused in choosing the right one and put your taste as well as a preference to be the priority. Color and design is not a matter if they do not meet your standard of liking. Nevertheless, seek advice from professionals to avoid any violations of aesthetics and function. In other words, feel free to put in whatever but lawfully.

9. Well-Planned Backsplash

Whatever design your kitchen will apply, the backsplash plan should be made from the very beginning. It means that right from the first step of establishment, you must already have the exact vision of what it will look like. For example, raw-finished backsplash should be in your initial plan to complete the contemporary kitchen of yours instead of making it as if it is a mishap in the middle of the project. That way, you will get a functional as well as comfortable cooking area.
Furthermore, the well-planned brick backsplash will create a balance for the whole game.

10. Functional Brick Backsplash

Functional Brick Backsplash

The aesthetic is a bonus you get from a functional backsplash. However beautiful your panel is, it will not do anyone any good if it does not function well or, at least, as planned. Thus, ensure its practicality first before anything as details can come later.

Involving bricks in a contemporary kitchen in more than plausible now that you have seen the examples, right? Especially as the backsplash, these elements set a comfortable and balanced environment.

In terms of function, brick backsplash serving the best is not an overstatement. You will then get many advantages by only doing one job of applying such an element.

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