12 Refreshing Blue Bathroom Ideas

A blue bathroom can be both refreshing and soothing at the same time. But how can you put these ideas together to make the most out of it? Keep on reading to find 12 blue bathroom designs that might suit you well.

1. Aqua Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom vanity
Source: furnituredesigns.club

Blue comes in various shades, from the lightest to the darkest. Each of them offers different nuances to your bathroom, so does Aqua.

Aqua is the amalgamation of blue, green, and white. Therefore, it provides a soothing ambiance while revitalizing any user, which can make you feel re-energized and refreshed.

The aqua tiles are sleek and glossy, which can reflect the light well and make this small bedroom appear to be larger. To vary the look without overwhelming the blue shade, crisp white is added.

2. Navy Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom accessories
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Navy belongs to the darker shades of blue. It denotes elegance and boldness. You might think that it would be hard to pair it with other colors due to the deep hue. It is not always the case.

The truth is navy is somewhat neutral and versatile. You can pair it with any bright color of your choice to create a modern and vivacious look. But if you think it might overwhelm your bathroom, white will be your safe bet.

Navy blue and white bathrooms are a dime a dozen. They just create a fine perspective. The deep hue of navy which adds the touch of elegance and boldness blend nicely with the neutral and purity of white.

3. Small Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom cabinets
Soure: housebeautiful.com

Although your bathroom is short on space, it does not mean you can just leave it untreated, making it look duller and starker. To make it more appealing despite the size, you can give this idea a try.

This bathroom comes in various shades of blue. The lighter one is represented by the tiles installed from the floor to half of the height of the wall. The other half is covered with wallpaper that adds pattern to space.

Since it is a small space, downsizing the furniture and fixture without compromising the convenience is a must. Try placing a wicker laundry basket with lid in your bathroom so that you can stash away dirty clothes while setting down bathing essentials on it.

4. Light Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom accessories walmart
Source: houzz.com

If a soothing and relaxing ambiance is your thing, try to apply this idea to your bathroom.

This bathroom features a light blue color that comes in small tiles covering the entire wall and vanity. The subdued hue makes it look serene, allowing you to feel relaxed when lounging and lingering in the bathtub. Wood flooring accentuates the calming effect.

You can also find a huge mirror over the vanity. It is frameless, which brings in modern flair into the bathroom.

5. Gray and Blue Bathroom Design

blue bathroom artwork
Source: diegobianki.com

When you pair blue and gray at once, you will get elegance, just like what you can see here.

Blue tiles make a great backsplash in this bathroom. Their sleek and glossy design reflects natural light nicely, making the area look visually bigger.

The shower room features ash gray walls that denote contemporary design. Clean-lined edges of the glass door and vanity embrace modern style immensely.

6. Narrow Bathroom Ideas

dark blue bathroom
Source: homeluf.com

Some bathrooms are petite. They even have the shape of a tunnel in which you will find it awkward to move freely.

To tackle this awkward space, sticking to light or subdued color hues would be your top-notch choice. This bathroom, for example, features a crisp white wall, floor, and ceiling.

The blue glass is used to separate the shower enclosure from the closet and grooming area. Next, to beef up space without making it look more cramped, you can lie a blue rug on the white floor.

7. Cobalt Blue Bathroom Ideas

dark blue bathroom vanity
Source: houzz.com

Just like navy, cobalt belongs to the darker shades of blue that can carve out boldness to the room. This bathroom has taken this idea to the next level.

It features crisp white as the color base as it is neutral, versatile, and can give a super clean look to space. To make the bathroom less stark, cobalt teaming up with some other shades of blue forms mosaic backsplash.

The same mosaic pattern runs up to the shower enclosure. Granite vanity top and backsplash with a sprinkle of cobalt blue add the touch of luxury to the bathroom.

8. Fancy Cobalt Blue Bathroom

dark blue bathroom rugs
Source: airtasker.com

Cobalt blue carved out luxury in this bathroom through the big vase holding bamboos and the tiles next to the toilet and in the shower enclosure. Wavy patterns and textures emulate the ocean nicely. Two crystal lights make the space look fancy.

9. Modern French Country Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom bench
Source: housebeautiful.com

Toile is one of the prominent elements in French Country decor. For this reason, hanging toile wallpaper in your bathroom will be a convenient way to carve out this style, just like what you can see here.

10. Dive the Ocean

blue bathroom vanity ideas
Source: thespruce.com

When entering this bathroom, you will feel as if you were diving in the ocean, thanks to the aqua files that cover the floor and accent wall. Adding some succulents or faux twigs looking like seaweed will round out the look.

11. Art in the Shower

blue bathroom colors
Source: archiexpo.com

Just because it is not a place to gather with your family and host your guests, it does not mean that adding a piece of artwork is unnecessary. The truth is an appropriate and unique artwork can help you feel refreshed.

This bathroom features tiny blue and white tiles that are arranged to form a mosaic of water, which is calming and intriguing.

12. Nautical Blue Bathroom Ideas

blue bathroom cleaner
Source: homebnc.com

This blue bathroom shows you that a small space is not a big deal. It features some wall-mounted shelves that are used to host toiletries and some other nautical accessories, such as starfish, shells, fish, and corals.

These accessories and the shelves are placed on the narrow wall where the toilet sits. By doing this, people that are going to use this bathroom will focus on them as the accent wall rather than the minute size.

So, those are some refreshing blue bathroom ideas that are worth the try. Now it is time for you to roll up your sleeves and use a little bit of elbow grease to implement these designs to yours.

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