Designs of Bunk Beds for Girls and Boys

Bunk beds for girls or boys are the best ideas when it comes to limited space and room. It is simple, easy to install, and best of all it can save up some money.

However, not many people like this kind of bed because they are big and usually have boring designs. The double level also makes it dangerous for kids to climb; therefore, parents prefer not to use them.

However, these days, bunk beds for girls and boys have developed in many ways. The design, function, and even safety are all upgraded to make it trendy, comfortable, and safe to use.

1. What to Consider When Buying Bunk Beds for Girls & Boys

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First, you need to know that bunk beds are not just two mattresses in one frame. These days, they have developed their design and now can be a playground for the kids.

There are many kinds of bunk beds for girls and boys, from the simple ones that contain double to the triple mattress. However, there are also designs that only have one mattress on the top and the bottom level is a place to study.

Now before you go and buy a bunk bed, there are things you have to know. One of the most important is the free space and size you have at home. Measure the length and height of the room to know how much area there is.

Most bunk beds are 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. As for the height, it is usually 5-6 feet depending on the design. You can use these average sizes to determine whether your room is enough or not.

The next thing you must consider is the design and function of the bed, because beds for girls and boys have different themes and colors. Next, determine whether you need a double and triple mattress. Alternatively, is it a single with other functions on the bottom level?

The model will also determine the safety of the bed. Make sure to pay extra attention to the features available to see whether they safe or not for your kids.

Last, make sure that the bed is made from strong, comfortable, and safe materials. Because many in the market are cheap but have poor quality.

2. Bunk Beds for Girls & Boys Ideas

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Comfort your kids in their room by giving them bunk beds for girls and boys. Make a special design that can make them love their place and feel like home. Here are some great ideas that you can buy and have for your little ones:

• Castle Bed

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One of the bunk beds for girls that they will all love is the royal bed. Make them feel like a princess by building them a castle design. So, rather than having two mattresses, design the second level for a place to sleep, whereas the bottom part can be a place where they play.

Wanna see more Princess bedroom ideas?

• Girl Character Theme

bed for american girl doll

The next design you can apply is a girl’s character theme. These days there are many movies that little children like such as frozen, hello kitty and many more. You can draw or make those animations on their beds to make them look pretty.

On the other hand, you can create a simple bunk bed for girls using feminism color like pink, purple, and red. Combine these tones to create a pretty place to sleep. Add storage on the sides of the mattress where they can put their toys and dolls in.

• Double Bunk Beds for Girls or Boys

bunk bed for american girl doll

If you have more twins or more than one child, then the double bunk bed is a great option. Not only do they get their place to sleep but can also their privacy.

You can give them the privacy they need by giving a high fence at each level. This can also be used for their safety, so they do not fall.

Below each bed, you can also add storage to put their belongings. Therefore, their bed and room will keep clean and tidy. You can also use the stairs where they climb as a place to keep things in.

• Triplet-Quartet Bed

trundle bed for american girl doll

Having triplets or even quartet can also be solved by having a bunk bed for 3-4 people at once. However, to install this kind of model you will need a large space in the room.

To make sure each kid gets their free space, you can combine two double bunk beds as once. Add a multifunction fence between each place so they can open and close it as they like.

For the ladders, create a moving stair where you can slide it from left to right. Therefore, you only need one and your kids can take turns using them.

• Double Function Bed

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The next creative bunk beds for girls or boys is a double function bed. For this model, the top level is used for sleeping. As for the bottom part, parents can use them as a learning table for kids to study.

Put the stairs or ladders in the middle of the bed so it will not too much space. Also, use the front and bottom part of it as a storage for their toys or clothes.

3. Bunk Beds Safety

princess bed for baby girl

One of the main things to make sure when buying bunk beds for your little ones is safety. Ensure they are made from strong materials that can hold a certain weight.

For small kids, make sure the bed has a fence to protect them from falling. This also applies to the stairs and the ladders on it. So, ensure to buy the right design and model of bunk bed for your kids.

Overall, bunk beds for girls or boys are a great solution for those who have limited space in the house. Both levels can be used as a place to sleep or you can use the other part as a playground for the little ones.

Just make sure to pay extra attention to the material and safety of the bunk beds. It is also best to use bunk beds for kids that are minimal of 3 years or older. 

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