Around Bed Curtains to Sleep Like in the Fairytale

A fairytale feel can be part of the bedroom by installing the around bed curtains. Many designers consider this as a luxurious touch. There are a wide variety of designs and colors when it comes to drapes for bed.

The canopy ones have their unique mechanism to make an impact in the bedroom. Having a bed with curtains around it will enhance the intimate ambiance inside the room and of course, comfort.

Meanwhile, the fabric choice is the key to have a perfect dreamy bed to sleep on. Whether it’s something that improves privacy or just for breezy decoration, go with your style. You will love to have a canopy bed in your room.

On the other hand, you can choose a DIY makeover to save a budget. Buy the canopy curtains and hang them on the L-shaped rod that you need to mount on the ceiling.

What’s So Special about Bed Curtains?

bed curtains diy

 If you already have an interest in having the bed curtains around, you don’t need to think much about it. Some people want this element because they want to fix the functionality glitches that they have inside the bedroom.

Some other people just want to change the bedroom looks and make it more special. For example, people need more warmth in the bedroom and choose to have the curtains around it to provide a warmer condition for sleeping.

There are many advantages and functionality that you can enjoy using bed curtains. It can block sound, wind, and lights. It will help you to sleep more peacefully.

Amazing Ideas to Try with Bed Curtains

1. Morrocan Style with Blue Structure

bed curtains with lights

The blue-painted structure for the white bed curtain looks so appealing. It seems to be the only element in the bedroom with that color. That’s why it steals attention. With the bright light coming from the outside, the white curtain doesn’t go anywhere.

It looks like the blue structure keeps all sides of the bed curtains together. The homeowner matches it with some light-blue pillows. That colorful bench pattern and antique decorations on the sides set a special sanctuary for the bedroom’s owner.

2. Stunning Bedroom with Curtains on Bed

bed curtains amazon

It’s such an amazing room in Villa Kya of Thailand. Take a look at its stunning brightness.

Most of the elements are in white. It makes the room look fancier than ever. You don’t need to incorporate some expensive stuff to set it to be looking luxurious.

Just make it white and clean, it would feel like a fancy room. let’s focus on how they manage to incorporate the bed curtains. They are not on all sides of the bed. There’s only some part of the furniture gets covered.

However, it’s designed to be more like a decoration. It adds a dramatic effect to comfortable sleeping.

3. Rustic Chic Type of Bedroom

bed and curtains

The rustic vibe and chic style of this bedroom are on another level. It’s like the one that comes from the past. All elements have a classic and vintage design that matches with the rest of rustic elements inside the room.

As seen, the log cabinet ceiling, DIY coffee table, and antique chest are some of the main elements in this rustic bedroom. However, the size is pretty big and cozy for a room to take a rest. The green bed curtains match with the windows. A simple rod structure works well in this scene.

It’s such a charming bedroom idea, right?

4. Bed Curtains with Built-In Structure

bed with curtains around it

Black and white, bright, and dark are the simple choices you have in designing your bedroom. This monochrome scheme is the safest choice for every room. The curtain holder or canopy design’sis part of the bed stricture.

It’s a built-in mechanism that allows you to set the fabric ready to be a decorative element.  It suddenly brings the classic feelings that people have. The amount of black elements in this space is quite big though.

The dark flooring and other furniture are connected with the black color. The classic design of the canopy is just something else.

5.  Sheer Curtain Around the Bed

a bed with curtains

This sheer curtain that covers the entire bedsides has a vintage vibe. The pink color is just the same as the scheme of the entire bedroom. It makes all the elements become one in this bedroom. You can see through what’s inside the curtain from the outside.

That means this bed curtain doesn’t improve the privacy nor blocking the light and sound. However, it’s a nice addition to the bedroom if the owner doesn’t like all of those and just want to be protected by a mosquito and other bugs.

This kind of curtain is so helpful in dealing with that. You can also choose to set them aside whenever you’re not using it. Or, you can just keep it this way to keep the bed away from disturbance.

It’s just like a bedroom for princess.

6. Bed Curtains with Gauzy Fabric

bed curtains black

This is a great choice if you want to have more drape and less float. It has a traditional Indian summer vibe to the bedroom. There’s a bold colorful pattern to set up the entire room on fire. Meanwhile, the bed curtain is attached to the canopy.

There’s no rod mechanism or other things. It’s a completely classic style of canopy cover. The thickness of the drape is not a block to the outside world. But, it’s suitable to block the light and sound a little bit.

7. Bed Curtains with Molding

curtains bed bath and tablecurtains bed bath and table

As you can see, there’s molding involved in this bed curtain. It’s a clever move by the designer to make the bedroom fancier. It feels like the bed doesn’t have a canopy at all. The curtain is hanging straight from the ceiling.

The molding on the ceiling part above the bed is set to be part of this stunning mechanism. It looks like something new in the world of curtains around the bed. Feel the glamorous effect with this ceiling drapes.


If you plan to install bed curtains around your bed, consider the purpose. Then, decide the type of fabric to cover or decorate the bed itself. It’s a significant addition to deal with, so be prepared to face the impact.

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