A Quick Guide to Create a Stunning Art Deco Bathroom for Your House

Magnetizing many homeowners with exceptionally precise geometric shapes and daring colors, art deco bathroom is something you need to take into account. The art deco style itself is gaining more attention today thanks to its flexibility. This attribute makes it easy to personalize and create something retro or modern. If you are also interested in building an art deco bathroom, read on to learn more about how to make the most of this style in your interior.

1. Incorporate Geometric Design


It is no secret that geometric design is the leading element of art deco interior ideas. Most homeowners apply this plan in the form of unique tiles with remarkable patterns. Indeed, art deco bathroom tile patterns are not created equal. However, the most traditional choice is black and white ones that might be applied on neither the floors nor the walls.

Tiles are used for a good reason in many art deco designs, such as to save more budget and effort to install them. Moreover, picking such tiles for essential parts of your bathroom can be an economical trick as well. You can apply them to the shower or basin to save on stylish finishes.

For instance, if you those critical zones to appear more appealing and flashy without wasting too much money, try to install some metallic tiles or simply arrange them in a unique mosaic. You can also consider repainting the walls that are not covered by the tiles for another budget-friendly idea. Adding moisture-proof wallpapers with catchy patterns in your art deco bathroom can be a good idea too. If you want to pull out the best effect, try to cover a single wall only.

2. Choose the Right Colors for an Art Deco Bathroom

When it comes to an art deco setting, most designers will recommend using monochrome scenarios and more subtle color palettes. Black and white become the classical choice in most art deco designs since this option lends an elegant vibe to any space including a bathroom. Besides, these colors offer sharp contrasts that frequently considered timeless.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t hurt at all to introduce other bold combinations to your black and white art deco setting. You can add gold, green, dark blue, silver, or red accents to refresh the space. Furthermore, a combination of soft green or blue and oyster cream is also popular in an art deco bathroom. If you are a fan of pastel nuances, softer shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green make a great choice for art deco styles too.

3. Add Key Features of Art Deco Settings

Add Key Features of Art Deco Settings

As mentioned somewhere above, you can take advantage of art deco styles to create both traditional and modern settings. However, to make the most of your bathroom, you should make sure to put several key features of this design.

First, it is important to incorporate sharp, angular patterns into your art deco setting. Then, adding bold, unpredicted curves is also appreciated. Second, black and white tiles are another key feature of art deco settings. Even though you can use other materials or colors, this combination is still the most common choice available.

Next, you better make sure that the area doesn’t showcase too much romance, clutter, or fussiness.
After that, an art deco design often involves linear decorating as well. The use of exotic materials is pretty common in this setting. Then, if you want to add a reflective element, keep in mind that an art deco bathroom mirror typically comes with silver or chrome frames.

Meanwhile, aside from black and white, you should focus on other neutral colors like gold, brass, or cream since art deco tends to entail vintage décors. At this point, you should focus on bringing a feeling of ‘going back in time’ when designing an art deco bathroom. However, art deco designs don’t necessarily focus on vintage stuff. Instead, they typically combine both old and new items.

You can still keep modern furniture in the bathroom. Investing in high-quality glossy tiles and marble is not a wrong step as well. While doing so, the art deco style can be shown through old-looking shelves, brass showers, and taps, or other elements.

4. Pick the Ideal Furniture for Art Deco Bathrooms


A huge, roll-top, freestanding bath is one of the best choices when furnishing an art deco bathroom since it can be an elegant focal point. Roll-top baths are popular in art deco settings because of their angular and precise geometric forms. You can bring it for a piece of modern style.

Meanwhile, timeless slipper baths that have claw feet details and ornaments will be more suitable for traditional settings. In addition to a bathtub, you will need an appropriate basin for emphasizing your style. Art deco bathrooms typically come with a bold, angular basin along with big pedestals. However, homeowners can still opt for a more contemporary option.

The point is to pick something oversized that has geometric shapes and eye-catching fittings. To complete your art deco bathroom fixtures, surround them with classic lighting or mirrors. Placing the right furniture and shapes in the bathroom is not the only focus of designing art deco bathrooms. You need to bring appropriate materials for obtaining the theme perfectly.

Utilizing brass polished taps with chrome finishes is an excellent choice for attaining a luxurious and chic bathroom. Glass is another critical material to add to your bathroom since it can reflect the outstanding geometric designs and make the most of ornate furnishing ideas in common art deco settings.

5. Finish with DIY Accessories


Now is the time to add some accessories as your final touch. Try to find DIY projects that suit your art deco bathroom and make this space even more appealing. For instance, you can go for a beveled mirror to assist natural light distribution in the bathroom while boosting the elegant appearance of your space.

When choosing your accessories, don’t limit yourself to using all modern geometric motifs. Some of the convenient patterns you can pick are chevron designs, zigzags, or hexagons.

All in all, creating an art deco bathroom makes a perfect choice when you want to showcase the spirit of bold lifestyles, affection of artwork, and adventure within your space.

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