Aqua Color Combination Ideas

Many people mistake aqua color for green or blue. You may surprise that it is not either of them. So, what is it? Read on to find what it is and how to combine it with other hues to form fantastic interior design.

What is Aqua Color

Aqua is a Latin word, meaning water. It is the color that sits between green and blue.

It is often considered to be cyan color as they look alike. Thus, they are used interchangeably especially in web design.

Aqua color has a vibrant and striking tone that can spruce up space in no time. making it a wonderful accent in designs.

This particular color evokes feelings of reinvigoration and youth which makes it a great color scheme for a bedroom and bathroom. It can also be suitable for your living room and kitchen especially if you are into a coastal theme.

What is the Difference between Aqua and Turquoise Color

Many people think that Aqua color and turquoise are just the same. The truth is they are slightly different.

Both of these colors are the amalgamation of the same compositions, namely blue, green, and white. What makes them difference lies in the ratio. Aqua color has a higher ratio of blue while turquoise has more green in it.

Dark Aqua Color

aqua color code

Aqua color is your go-to hue when it comes to carving out coastal theme into space. To get a perfect look, you need to combine it with some other hues, though.

You need to recall the memory of having a trip on a beach, and picture it right in your living room or bedroom.

As a good rule of thumb, the color combination of a beach will be aqua, teal, beige, green, and white. You will also need to add some coastal elements, such as corals, shells, or terrarium to kick it up a notch.

This living room, for example, features some aqua color hues, from the light to the dark ones to enrich the look. You can also find some tints of yellows that resemble the sun. A faux coral perches on the white coffee table, rounding out the view.

Aqua Color and Fuchsia

aqua colored contacts

In some cases, aqua can be a vibrant color that will freshen up the entire room. If you want to boost the cheerful vibes, try tossing some fuchsia into space, just like what you can see here.

This living room features an aqua couch and coffee table that infuse the beach vibes into it. A fuchsia rug lies on the floor, adding more fun and dramatic touch to space. This color combination has created a welcoming and striking ambiance at once.

Aqua and Pink Ombre Wall

aqua color nails

Ombre wall can always be a dramatic backdrop for any room in your house especially bedroom and living room. To make it more appealing, try combining two different color hues.

This wall, for example, features a light aqua color that teams up with pink. The darker shades begin from the ceiling and floor, then they get lighter and finally meet in the center.

Although aqua color and pink contrast with each other, they still look good together in this ombre wall.

Aqua and Red

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Aqua color brings the soothing and serenity traits of blue, which make it a nice choice for a bedroom as it promotes a good night’s sleep.

One of the good things about this color is it features the versatility of white that allows you to pair it with any other color easily without giving you an eyesore. As a result, a subtle ambiance is created.

This bedroom looks serene and fresh with an aqua wall, table, and pillows. Some tints of vibrant red make a good contrast that infuses more energy into the room. Crisp whites are added to bond them together.

Aqua and Green

aqua color air fryer

Green is one of the colors that form aqua. Therefore, combining them would be your safe bet. Besides, it is said that it can help you alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness.

The combination of aqua color and green is such a perfect match. It results in a soothing and refreshing bedroom. As always, white is always your go-to color when it comes to balancing the scheme.

Aqua and Orange

aqua color art

Orange is the best match for aqua color because they naturally come together when you enjoy the sunset on a beach. But if you are not sure whether they can look striking and just want to add subtle ambiance, you can adopt this idea.

White is the color base of this living room, which makes it a perfect blank canvas for your creativity. Some pops of aquas and oranges look standout on this neutral scheme. Since they are conspicuous, they can steal anyone’s focus immensely.

Aqua and Purple

the aqua color

You might think it will be awkward to combine purple and aqua color. It turns out that they can make a good color scheme for a bedroom without giving you an overwhelmed feeling. But you will still need some whites in the trims to balance the look.

Aqua Bathroom

the color aqua green

The bathroom is one of the rooms in a house that is often overlooked. The truth is this is the place that you will often see every day. Therefore, choosing the best color scheme that can bring positive vibes and invigorate you is a must.

When you enter this bathroom, the first thing you will probably notice is the fish-scale tiles that come in a wide array of an aqua color palette.

Teal color and gray can also found in the tiles to enrich the look. As always, white and beige are a great neutral base combination that can make the aqua hues look more standout.

Aqua Kitchen

picture of a aqua color

This is what you can call a mind-blowing combination of rustic and modern. The color looks great together with natural wood brown found in the clean-lined cabinets.

As a good rule of thumb, the vibrant color will look more appealing if it lies in a neutral scheme. But instead of crisp white that might be a dime a dozen, you can apply this whitewashed exposed brick wall backdrop to add the touch of a rustic look.

Aqua color is quite versatile. It can be used in any room in your house and paired with any color of your choice. Now, it is time for you to tap into your creativity and imagination to decorate your home interior design nicely.

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