10 Clever Ways of Using An Apothecary Cabinet in Your Home

Up until the 20th century, pharmacists and physicians use an apothecary cabinet. They use this furniture to stash away chemicals, medicines, and tools. After the invention of vaccinations and pills, it wasn’t needed anymore. However, a vintage apothecary chest is still useful today. Even, the unit becomes one of the hottest home decor trends. With some proper restoration and modification, it can lend your interior a refined look.

If you own an apothecary’s chest, luck is yours, do not throw it out. In this article, we have gathered some brilliant ways to incorporate the furniture into your setup effectively.

1. Entryway Cabinet

chest of drawers

Without a doubt, an apothecary cabinet is a nice addition to your entryway. It boasts lots of storage space. You can stow shoes, purses, gloves, keys, umbrellas, and hats in its drawers. Moreover, this entryway cabinet allows you to display some decorative items on top. It also makes the room more functional and appealing at once. You can give the apothecary cabinet texture sanding. Here, the furniture was painted muted teal. The vivid color takes it from bland to beautiful.

2. Apothecary Cabinet Bathroom

bathroom vintage apothecary cabinet

Your bathroom is truly in need of storage. So why don’t you add an apothecary chest to it? The furniture can house towels, makeup tools, glass jars, soaps, and other hygiene care items. Be sure you do some quick customization. That way, the bathroom storage cabinet does not look out of place.

This pure white apothecary chest brings sophistication to space. It produces a clean appearance and exudes an airy feel, too. Meanwhile, wooden shower tools in the cabinet inject a warm atmosphere into the room.

3. Apothecary Cabinet Pottery Barn in the Kitchen

The apothecary cabinet is such a great pair for your culinary space. Just transform it into an island and countertop. You can stash away plates, linens, forks, and spoons in the drawers. Feel free to hack your apothecary’s chest. For instance, you can add a few open shelves inside it. Furthermore, the apothecary cabinet is so versatile. It adapts easily to different kitchen styles. Whether your kitchen has a modern style or the industrial one, you can make some renovation work to the unit.

In this picture, the pottery barn apothecary chest acts as a terrific kitchen island. It was left unstained and unpainted to generate a rustic feel. The island does not only provide storage room but also lends the kitchen texture and a homey ambiance. It evokes a feeling of elegance, too.

4. Living Room Console Table

Does your living room need a console table? If so, put a vintage apothecary chest to good use. It works as a room divider and fills the space at once. An apothecary-style console brings function and aesthetic to the living room. Moreover, it is great for storing books and showcasing family heirlooms as well as framed pictures. The chest also allows you to modify its look. For a rustic flair, choose various wood stains. To achieve an industrial appeal, add an apothecary cabinet metal frame and handles.

If you are crazy about a shabby chic console table, go for pastels and give it a bit sanding. No matter your preference, adjust the apothecary chest accordingly. Here, the console table was painted forest green. It matches nicely with the furniture pieces in the living room. The opaque drawers keep the clutter out of sight. Meanwhile, the open storage shelf accommodates rattan baskets. Lastly, the TV sits delightfully on the console table.

5. Bottle Storage Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet

For those of you who love collecting bottles, try this ingenious storage idea. The vintage apothecary cabinet features drawers and compartments in different sizes. They house all your collection. The chest allows for easy and quick storing. It enables you to easily find your bottles and other things as well. Since the cabinet is comprised of oak, it instantly creates a sophisticated look and imbues the space with warmth. The reclaimed wood floor and concrete wall let the antique chest stand out.

6. Wardrobe Storage Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet

As we mentioned before, the apothecary’s chest is perfect for stowing items effectively. The furniture can be used to store wardrobe pieces such as underwear, shawls, clothes, socks, and ties. Moreover, the open shelves house ornamental pieces. You can also add labels to the cabinet drawers. That way, finding the stuff will get easier.

7. Glass Jar Apothecary Cabinet

In case your home requires a glass apothecary cabinet, steal this idea. Here, the chest holds jars in various sizes. Glass jars are more present in modern interior design. This apothecary chest tastefully showcases them. The cabinet also keeps cute pieces of ornaments in place. It is not just practical, but also eye-catchy and stunning.

8. Cabinet for Storing Spices

Who says apothecary cabinet is only practical for stowing glass jars? That’s not true. It can be used to accommodate your dried ingredients, too. If you want an organized kitchen, follow these instructions.


  • Prepare glass jars and containers.
  • Pour herbs, spices, and seasonings into them.
  • Stick labels on the drawer fronts for easier storing.
  • Arrange your items in the cabinet.

9. File Cabinet


Your home office is messy and uninviting. This indicates it is in serious need of a proper organization. An apothecary’s chest offers great versatility. It can serve as a personal cabinet for hiding away your books, letters, journals, and office supplies. This apothecary style cabinet enlivens and warms up your home office. Since the unit keeps the space organized, it makes the work environment much more enjoyable for sure.

10. Apothecary Cabinet As A Planter

apothecary decor

Do you consider yourself a hippie? If yes, give this idea a shot because it makes use of a vintage treasure. Here, an old apothecary cabinet acts as a planter. Its drawers hold ferns and succulents. There are family heirlooms and potted houseplants on top of the chest.

Both natural materials and vintage finds create a retro feel. They exhibit a homey ambiance, too. The apothecary cabinet is not just for traditional homes, but also the modern ones. In the updated spaces, the furniture looks more attractive. Be sure you modify the chest, so it fits the style of your interior.

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