12 Breathtaking Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

A good above-ground pool landscaping is somewhat challenging due to the exposed structure and stands in the different ground levels. But it does not indicate it is impracticable. Check out these breathtaking ideas that might inspire you.

1. Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

above ground pool landscaping ideas
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Carving out a breathtaking above-ground pool landscaping does not have to cost you a fortune. It can be simple and affordable, yet awesome, just like what you can see here.

One of the drawbacks of an above-ground pool is the visible structure, which can be an eyesore. To overcome this problem, you can cover it up with stones or planks. However, it can be pricey.

Try opting for bamboo panels that are generally inexpensive, yet charming. Besides, installing them is much easier compared to their counterparts. You just need to wrap them around your above-ground pool, and that is it!

2. Tropical Retreat

above ground pool landscaping plants
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This above-ground pool landscaping will bring vacation vibes to your backyard. A few feet from the pool is the edging that separates the lawn from the gravel covering the soil around it.

Some palm trees stand around the pool along with the ornamental grass. This epic combination will make it look like a beach.

3. Time to Relax

above ground pool landscaping on a budget
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Making a deck attached to your above-ground pool is fruitful. It can give you and your kids easy access to the pool while allowing you to lounge on a chair. Besides, it will be much easier for you to keep an eye on them.

This above-ground pool landscaping features a wooden deck that offers you a comfortable place to relax. The exposed structure of the pool is covered with wood to match the look.

Some stones and gravel cover the deck, adding more textures to it. Palm trees complement it nicely.

4. Curvy Above Ground Pool with Stone Deck

above ground pool landscaping and decks
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Carving out a spectacular above-ground pool landscaping that features curvy edges is merely a breeze because it already has its unique shape.

This pool is surrounded by a stone deck that incorporates a luxurious lounge into the area. Green trees and shrubs grow around it, framing it epically. A faux waterfall makes a great backdrop.

5. Small Above-Ground Pool Landscaping

above ground pool and landscaping ideas
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This tiny above-ground pool will fit in with your small backyard. But it does not mean you can leave it untreated. A little bit of creativity to dress it up will not be hurtful and make you broke.

The exposed structure of this pool is remained exposed. To jazz it up, you can stencil, paint, or even draw a mural on it.

A few inches from the pool is the edging that keeps the white gravel and lawn separated. To kick it up a notch, you can place some planters around it. Isn’t it easy and inexpensive?

6. Above-Ground Pool Landscaping with Rocks

above the ground pool landscaping ideas
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This above-ground pool landscaping will make your neighbor envy you. It is covered with a stone that makes it look elegant.

In front of it is a small pond that is flanked with boxwood. It holds the watershed from the pool.

LED lamps are installed in the pond, producing shimmering light in the water.

7. How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Nice

above ground pool landscaping photos
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There is nothing fancy with this above-ground pool. However, the way the homeowner arranges the landscaping has made it look stunning.

A pathway connects the deck with the pool. It is made of some stones that do not share the same shapes and patterns to emulate a natural look. Gravel is used to filling in the spaces between them.

The pathway is flanked with lamps, which can be a spectacular view when they illuminate it during the night.

8. Light It Up

best above ground pool landscaping
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Bear in mind that your pool will always stay where it should be from the day to the night. It means you have to be ready when twilight is approaching because the spectacular landscaping that you have carved out will not be visible.

To maintain the jaw-dropping view even in the middle of the night, you can install LED post lights around your above-ground pool. The dim light will create dramatic landscaping.

9. Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

border landscaping around above ground pool
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Do you have a small yard, yet you want to have a place to relax and call it a day? An above-ground pool would be a great idea. However, it can be quite challenging when it comes to arranging the mouthwatering landscaping due to the minuscule space.

That is not always the case. This above-ground pool landscaping shows you that everything is possible if you use a little bit of elbow grease and creativity.

The pool is covered with a wall and features a deck that enables you to get easy access to enter as well as giving you ample space to lounge on. Various kinds of tropical plants border it nicely, infusing the holiday vibes.

10. Above-Ground Pool with a Simple Bar

above ground pool landscaping ideas cheap
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Well, a pool is not always the place for people to swim despite the name. For some reason, many people like to spend their time sitting by it while shooting the breeze.

 You can also do the same thing with your above-ground pool. It is a pool, anyway. But do not forget to make the landscaping as relaxing as possible, just like this one.

This pool features a simple bar attached to it. A bamboo umbrella provides sufficient shade that protects you from the glaring sun.

Check out these Pavilion designs for a more relaxing inspirations.

11. Jazz Up It with Flowers

cheap landscaping around above ground pool
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Add a lively lift and pops of colors to your above-ground pool by growing some beautiful flowers around it.

You do not have to wrap it completely with Flowers, though. Planting them on two sides of the pool would be enough.

Here you can see Rose of Sharon and Butterfly bush beds that flank the pool, creating an identical and symmetrical look.

A red clothe hanger stand is next to the pool, adding more splashes of colors while helping you hold your towels.

12. Add a Waterfall

landscape around above ground pool
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This above-ground pool landscaping looks fantastic with a transparent border, making it look like an aquarium. The most wonderful thing is it features a faux waterfall that adds a dramatic backdrop to it.

You can imitate those astounding above-ground pool landscaping designs. The spectacular view will help you release your stress and become more relaxed.

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