18 Terrific Elements of 70s Interior Design You Will Love

If you love something laid-back, chance are the 70s interior design wins your heart. Moreover, it’s not just unique but also offers a sense of nostalgia. Although you live in a stylish house, stepping into the 70s pad is truly possible. Just combine its key elements with modern tweaks, so they can come together and create a cohesive look.

The design itself is divided into two subcategories, boho hippie and disco glam styles. Regardless of your preference, there are so many ideas within it. Feel free to experiment with its cool elements.

1. Rattan Furniture

70s Interior Design

In the 70s, rattan furniture units are really popular. They become a great addition to any interior spaces, not only the living room but also the kitchen. Rattan pieces inject a homey feeling and texture into space. Additionally, they match perfectly with floral print upholstery and macrame.

2. Owl Accents


Owl was one of the most admired animals in the United States in the 1970s. Back then, there were many wall ornaments featuring that enigmatic bird. You can choose an Owl painting or the art poster one. For the kid’s room, it would be better if the decor has fun bright colors.

3. Velvet Texture

When it comes to the 70s interior design, you can’t forget the velvet furniture. Because, It was the hallmark of many homes in that decade. Velvet itself not only brings refined style, but also elegance to space. The material teams nicely with dark wood tones, luxurious fabrics, and deep colors.

4. Crochet Blankets


If you like the 70s interior design, then buying handmade crochet blankets is a must. They are typically crafted from rough wool. Additionally, the blanket was beautifully crocheted in a free pattern, using clashing colors. You can either put the throw on the bed or toss it over your couch back.

5. Geometric Shapes

The 70s interior design employs repeating patterns and geometric shapes. Consequently, they evoke a sense of instantaneity. For instance, do not hesitate to invest in geometric throw pillows and works of art. For a subtle yet retro look, just incorporate a square ottoman into your space.

6. Floral Prints

Floral Prints

Floral prints are an inseparable element of the 70s interior design. Usually displayed on curtains, rugs, sofas, and sheets. For example, flower prints match intense hues such as mustard, pink, orange, blue, blue, and green. For further, bohemian vibrations, place a flower vase beside the table.

7. Brass Animal

Brass Animal

whenever you go to the local antique store, buy a piece of brass animal or two. when the 70s, this decor was a staple of many homes. You can put the brass animal not only on the living room table, but also mount it on the wall. Certainly, this stuff definitely will make a strong impression.

8. Avocado Green


Since avocado green is a vivid color, it was quite common in the 70s. The shade even helped boost the popularity of natural materials. Furthermore, avocado green can also be integrated into today’s home. For example, the wallpaper, pillows, and decorative items come in that color.

9. Egg Chairs In The 70s Interior Design

70s Interior Design

This hanging egg chair is super comfy. Moreover, it adds a retro feel and fun to any space in your home. Put a throw pillow in your hanging egg chair. Then It instantly transforms into a cozy reading spot. You can also swap that furniture out with a macrame swing.

10. Terrazzo In The 70s Interior Design

The 70s Interior Design

Speaking of the 70s interior design, you definitely can’t go wrong with terrazzo. That material generates an old-school look. Whether you install the terrazo countertop or flooring, your room will shine. It also delivers visual interest and texture to space.

11. Natural Materials

Without a doubt, the 70s interior design is greatly influenced by the hippies. Since they deeply love Mother Earth, it features loads of natural materials. Here, the stone fireplace makes a big statement and creates a rustic feel. Wood floor, oversized windows, and flowers bring the outside inside, too.

12. Retro Interior Design Disco Balls

Aside from using hippie accents and earth tones, the 70s interior design is about glitz as well. That’s why you will spot a disco ball in a retro home. The chrome finish on the disco ball develops a luxurious look. It provides a marvelous lighting effect and serves as the showstopper at the same time.

13. Embroidery In The 70s Interior Design


Another vital element of home interiors in the 1970s was embroidery. Finally, it is making a huge comeback. That feature exudes the feeling of elegance and glamor. Here, the blue-and-white embroidered blackout curtains make the foyer more stunning in a flash. They pair well with the sideboard and floral ornaments.

14. Cream Shag Rugs and Sheepskins

In the 1970s, shaggy carpets were a popular thing. You can bring the retro vibe to your modern home with the sheepskins and shag rugs. This room boasts a cream shag rug. Not only does it generate a pleasant atmosphere, but also offers comfort underfoot.

15. Macrame Everything

The 70s Interior Design

70s style homes were not complete without macrame. It because macrame was used for almost everything, from boho wall decor to hanging chair. moreover, The macrame plant hanger is currently more present in modern living spaces. You can also make it yourself.

16. Jungalow in The 70s Interior Design

The jungalow combines jungle and bungalow. In other words, The style is all about patterns, colors, and textures. To achieve this, place potted houseplants wherever. As a result, the indoor plants make this bedroom dreamy and lively. They also add a hippie feel to space.

17. Agate Accents

Natural materials were indispensable in the 70s homes. The crystals as well as stones became common features. If you are crazy about the retro design, include an agate countertop in your kitchen. It certainly will take the center stage.

18. Ranch in The 70s Interior Design


When talking about the 60s interior design and 70s decor ideas, the ranch probably crosses your mind. It usually features wooden beams, earth colors, and southwestern chairs. They offer whimsy and warmth.

The 70s interior design will always remain popular. It is beloved for its cozy ambiance and carefree nature. If you are into this common trend, do not forget to add some modern twists. That way, its elements will not look out of place.

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